Month: August 2012

Tracks: August 17th, 2012

The week starts with new shizz from Strangers, A.D.A.C., and Spatial Relation, a collab between dark ambient masters, plus unexpected remixes and covers from Continues, ∆AIMON and Dead When I Found Her.

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Tracks: August 20th, 2012

Sippin’ coffee and enjoying a wack of new music from Ego Likeness, In Curti, The Horrorist, End.User (remixing CVLTS), Red Industrie and Twitch the Ripper.

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Gatekeeper, “Exo”

Buoyed by an immersive video game-style environment, the long-awaited debut from the dark electronic duo leaves behind the dark ambiance of their initial work, and crafts a heady and disorienting suite of sound design which baffles as it draws you in with its inscrutable charms.

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