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February 2013

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  1. V▲LH▲LL

    An Interview with V▲LH▲LL

    February 28, 2013  |  Interviews  |  Comments (0)

    We have a conversation with the enigmatic V▲LH▲LL about their anonymity, the freedom that witch house world affords, and Viking myth.

  2. Hidden Place - Novecento

    Hidden Place, “Novecento”

    February 27, 2013  |  Album Reviews  |  Comments (0)

    Italy’s Hidden Place sway back and forth between cold wave and darkwave on their third LP, but their dreamy confidence is more important than genre distinctions.

  3. severeillusion

    Severe Illusion, “Psychosurgery”

    February 26, 2013  |  Album Reviews  |  Comments (2)

    The uncompromisingly pessimistic Swedes turn up again with an EP that handily summarizes and expands their take on harsh EBM.

  4. Tracks - Feb 25

    Tracks: February 25th, 2013

    February 25, 2013  |  Tracks  |  Comments (1)

    In the wake of the industrial world’s international holiday, we serve up some new slices from In Death It Ends, Bites, THYX, Millipede, Stiff Valentine, and Antoni Maiovvi.

  5. Grooving In Green - Stranglehold

    Grooving In Green, “Stranglehold”

    February 22, 2013  |  Album Reviews  |  Comments (3)

    Goth rockers make some slight modernizations on their second record, and turn an eye to current socio-economic affairs.

  6. Douglas J McCarthy

    An Interview with Douglas J McCarthy

    February 21, 2013  |  Interviews  |  Comments (2)

    We talk to the legendary voice of EBM about his solo debut, life in Los Angeles and being part of the greater history of electronic music.

  7. ITN

    In the Nursery, “The Calling (Instrumentals)”

    February 20, 2013  |  Album Reviews  |  Comments (1)

    Confusingly released as an instrumental record, the new LP from In The Nursery is intended to accompany readings from crime novelist Simon Beckett.

  8. Tineidae - Random Signal Analysis

    Tineidae, “Random Signal Analysis”

    February 19, 2013  |  Album Reviews  |  Comments (0)

    The odds n’ sods compilation from the Ukrainian producer’s debut shows that he has more styles in his arsenal than initially indicated.

  9. Tannhäuser

    Tracks: February 18th, 2013

    February 18, 2013  |  Tracks  |  Comments (0)

    As with every Monday, we bring you the latest from Our Thing including new songs from Be My Enemy, Tannhauser Gate, Psychic Rites, Architect, and Fostercare!

  10. Kant Kino - Father Worked In Industry

    In Conversation: Kant Kino, “Father Worked in Industry”

    February 15, 2013  |  In Conversation  |  Comments (0)

    We talk through the second record from Norway’s Kant Kino, which yields the addition of electro-pop and zany humour, but there’s still plenty of the band’s classic EBM/electro-industrial mode under the hood.