Tineidae - Random Signal Analysis

Random Signal Analysis
CRL Studios

I enjoyed Lights, Pavlo Storonsky’s debut as Tineidae a good deal, finding that record’s restrained, hothouse blend of IDM a good fit for Tympanik. However, the surfeit of styles and sounds Storonsky brings to the Random Signal Analysis EP shows that we have a far more expansive talent at hand.

Lights‘ rich pads and evocative sweeps lulled the listener into a subtle and deft suite of tasteful, Access To Arasaka inspired IDM, but so often its cooler shades hinted at something far more expressive waiting to be unleashed by Storonsky. As a collection of tracks which were deemed too outre to fit onto Lights, Random Signal Analysis speaks both to the versatility of of Tineidae which was perhaps overshadowed by Lights‘ craft, and the project’s future potential.

In short, what we have over six tracks and twenty six minutes is a far more kinetic and lively display of Storonsky’s chops than were ever showcased over Lights‘s elegant run-time. Melodies bubble over the sides of the confines of the tracks from which they stem, often building up steam in a vacuum, gathering proximal energy for quick dashes of cosmic scramble before collapsing under their own weight: “Procyon”‘s zooming leads and “Luminance”‘s rapid arpeggios are quickly subsumed and hushed within the simple, morose phrases of “Distant Focus”‘s piano lines; each one’s extravagance offset by the next’s recalcitrance.

I can see each of these tracks’ erratic characters being deemed too idiosyncratic to find a place on a debut record, but to my mind Storonsky shouldn’t be viewing those cuts’ wanderings outside of his own self-defined perimeters as a failing or indulgence. I think he’s proven the project’s merit on Lights and could rely on the audience which that record has earned him to follow him into some slightly more varied terrain. It’d be nice to hear some of the more expressive strains of Random Signal Analysis find a home on the next proper Tineidae full-length.

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