Hey, kiddies! We here at ID:UD hope you had a riveting EBM Day yesterday. I celebrated by bouncing around the house to Forces and sampling some tasty BC microbrews (big ups to Driftwood for their Blackstone porter, a less hearty “not bad” to Phillips for their coffee stout). I’m pretty sure Alex spent the day trying to wrangle goggles and a chest protector onto Intern Tobey so they could recreate 242’s famous “Quite Unusual In A Shopping Mall” performance. No matter how you observed it, we hope you never stop (get it?) keeping the true meaning of EBM Day in your heart. On to today’s tracks!

In Death It Ends, “Spirit”
Occult Machine, the new full-length from Porl King’s unblinking obsidian juggernaut In Death It Ends, sold out on LP and CD pre-orders, which leaves johnny-jerkoffs like yours truly who slept on it waiting for a digital release. In the meantime, here’s another simple but unnervingly creepy video to accompany one of the tunes.

Bites, “Attrition”
More tasty bumps from LA newcomer Bites, whom you may remember has impressed us with a floor-killing ∆AIMON mix and a more atmospheric jam with H3X3N. This almost proggy electro-industrial tune splits the difference, separating walls of funky, vintage Mentallo-esque noise with a lovely wash of a breakdown. Can’t wait for a full release from this cat.

THYX, “Survival Instinct”
Well, that was fast! Stefan Poiss is set to release a second THYX record, Below The City, on May 14th, just under a year on from the mind.in.a.box side project’s debut, The Way Home. A collaboration with Machinima vid maker/musician Ray Koefoed – with whom m.i.a.b did a Portal 2-themed track a couple of months back – is the first full piece to see the light of day. I’d be happy enough with an entire record from Poiss of video game themed tunes…

Millipede, “A Longing For Home”
CRL Studios has just dropped a big fat 19 track comp featuring plenty of ID:UD faves: Mangadrive, Tineidae, Cryogenic Echelon. From aggrotech to downtempo to glitch to psytrance, there’s a little sumpin’ sumpin’ for everyone. Check some steamy dubbish fun from Chicago Hymen associate Millipede!

Stiff Valentine, “Get Back”
Our pals in Stiff Valentine are in the studio chipping away at what should be their third LP by our count. Here’s a rough mix of the direction they’re moving in: lots more dynamics and synths, but still industrial metal at the core. They’re also doin’ a little pre-album Idiegokicksourcer what have you, so give a listen and support the second best Canadian band ever!

Antoni Maiovvi, “Darkroom”
Claustrophobic torture-porn electro from Berlin by way of Bristol by way of the Fulci film fest producer. Check the just-released Stockholm Synthdrone EP on Maiovvi’s own Giallo Disco label for more filth, 808 claps, and skin-crawling organs.

Antoni Maiovvi ‘Darkroom’ from Ryan Haysom on Vimeo.