Mornin’ friends! It’s 5:30 in the AM as I type this awkwardly on my phone, In The Nursery cranked up in the headphones to drown out those early morning bus sounds. We’ve got a heck of a week lined up for you here at I Die: You Die, with some reviews and interviews we’ve had in the hopper for a while being posted, but as is tradition we like to kick things off with a lil’ round up of interesting tunes that have come across our desks of late. Have a listen! I’m gonna keep pretending to type to fend off conversation with the skunk weed smellin’ guy next to me who keeps awkwardly elbowing me when he sips his Tim Hortons.

Architect, “Creme Cuts”
Some new hotness from Daniel Myer, who incidentally is gearing up to have a pretty sweet year between all his various projects. As we’ve mentioned previously, scuttlebutt has it there’s gonna be new DSTR (formerly Destroid), Haujobb, Radioaktivists and Architect LPs in the mix before the clock strikes 12 on December 31st in our year of the lord 2013, and you know what that means: plenty of breathless fanboyism from your pals here at ID:UD. Enjoy this cut from a nifty pay-what-you-want comp from IDM/Glitch label Circuits Imprimés.

Tannhäuser Gate, “Obsession”
I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. William Gibson talking about the KLF in a CBC basement. I’ve seen Bill Leeb dancing to electro-house at a club on Richards street. All these moments… will be… you know, fuck it, I thought the Blade Runner riff would be cute considering the name of this act from South Africa, but it’s not really coming together like I’d like. So instead I’ll advise you to peep this vid if you’re into that throwback EBM sound with hints of techno (think The Horrorist, maybe a little of The Pain Machinery too). Video is nifty too!

Tannhauser Gate-Obsession from Frankie Congo on Vimeo.

Be My Enemy, “My Beautiful Psycho”
Do you miss Ministry like I miss Ministry? If so, you could do worse than to crank up this number from Phil Barry (ex-Cubanate), apparently an outtake from his next album of industrial rock. This scratches a certain itch, that desire for mechaical grooves that are perfect and unnerring, where riffs and samples are fired off in perfect robotic lockstep. Just a glimpse of the old days, the bad days, the fire and never forget days.

Fostercare, “Parallax”
One of the editorial staff’s mutual favourite albums from last year was Fostercare’s Altered Creature, and we’ve been keen to hear the promised follow-up. This one has an oddly similar riff to Covenant’s “Lightbringer”, but played through a prism of 80’s electro and galaxy-wide reverb. This is the soundtrack to space valkyries descending from the heavens to do battle with the ghosts of Yuri Gagarin and Neil Armstrong and their spectral hound Laika, while the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Psychic Rites, “Concrete”
I can’t keep up with these kids. Just when I feel like I got an angle on all the post-witchy stuff and have it neatly compartmentalized, some acts have to come along and start invoking darkwave and all kindsa deathrock tropes. Strip away the beats on this number and listen to just the guitar and vocals and tell me it ain’t on some Only Theatre of Pain. Go on, I dare you. I don’t know nothin’ about this project, but between this and that Prosymna record Bruce is all high on, looks like we got a new angle on the gothick in the offing. Expect our report to be forthcoming.