Month: July 2012

Tracks: July 30th, 2012

Summer rolls on with another batch of fresh tunes! This week: Fostercare, Suicide Commando, Die Young, Rose Red Flechette (remixed by Iszoloscope), and Violent BackPropagation.

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On The Road With The Eternal Legends

With two of our favourite bands hitting the road, we thought it’d be great to ask them for the straight dope on assembling an industrial tour by yourselves. We got that, plus some disturbing intimations about the awful truths which may just lie beneath the surface of Caustic and Everything Goes Cold.

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Weep, “Alate”

The third album from Doc Hammer’s new wave influenced project is a confident and affecting affair, upping the drama the band has been quietly gathering to itself.

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A.E.C., “Hate Life”

Shelved for a decade, this lost record by Tyler Newman (Battery Cage, Informatik) does a solid job of representing its time and and place, and is well deserving of some long overdue listening.

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Tracks: July 16th, 2012

Step lively into the new week with tracks from Dead Can Dance, Kevorkian Death Cycle, Cult Of Youth, Laibach, Cowards, and an ∆AIMON mix of Cargo Cult!

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