Hola, amigos! It’s a damn good thing we don’t do Monday’s Tracks posts in a podcast format, as the senior staff’s voices are absolutely shredded the day after seeing the elder gods of Nuwhobahum, the high priests of Powerslave, yea, the veritable Ayatollahs of Rock and Rolla, our beloved Iron Maiden. Trying to match the inhuman vocal range of Bruce Dickinson is good for the soul, but rough on the pipes. Let’s get on with the show.

Captain Bruce Dickinson

Our Captain for last evening.

Fostercare, “Zentai Scheme”
Wow. I hadn’t heard anything from Fostercare since Second Thoughts, a debut LP from over a year back which definitely leaned heavily on the southern hip-hop side of the witch house equation, so this comes as a complete surprise. Totally different from Second Thoughts, let alone any sounds commonly associated with the emergent genre, it’s a pummeling blend of ’90s rave moves and an instantly arresting synth lead. Seriously, people: whatever yr thoughts about the initial eruption of witch house, do not sleep on some of the people who cut their teeth on it, as a lot of them are releasing absolute beasts like this.

Die Young, “Don’t Panic”
Information about Die Young is scant at this point, though it looks as though it may be a side project of excellent post-punk/coldwave traditionalists Soft Kill (formerly Blessure Graves), whose An Open Door LP was a great sleeper record last year. There’s a free clutch of demos up for grabs, and they’re unveiling new works in progress from their first proper release, some of which has an early Sad Lovers And Giants feel, some of which has a more coldwave approach:

Suicide Commando, “Evacuate”
Hey, I’m as surprised as you might be to find me posting this. While Alex has always had a place in his heart for the early works of Johan, I’ve never held any such sympathies: old or new, Suicide Commando’s never done much apart from irritate me. So, when Alex mentioned that the instrumental b-side from the new SC single was pretty hot, I took it with a grain of salt, but he was bang-on. While a-side “Attention Whore” just goes through the same old aggrotech motions, this cut put some nice bounce and swing on current dancefloor tropes with solid production. Kinda reminds me of what I liked about Timewave Zero

Rose Red Flechette, “Black Horizon (Iszoloscope Remix)”
This Atlanta producer definitely stresses the “rhythmic” component in rhythmic noise, focusing more on grooves and builds than tympanic assault. Hooking up with our boy Yann Faussurier is a great look, resulting in a smoothed-out mix that delivers that inimitable Iszoloscope atmosphere. Can’t wait for some new originals from him.

Violent BackPropagation, “The Battle For New Beginnings”
A new Romanian act, Violent BackPropagation’s tracks have a very :wumpscut: structure and attack to them but are built with much more modern (and compressed) components. When was the last time an electro-industrial song advised you to “Drink responsibly / Live happily”? Taken from by-donation EP Change The Future.