Hey, it’s a Canadian long weekend, at least in selected provinces! Ah yes, who amongst us doesn’t have fond memories of the Civic/Natal/Provincial holidays of our youth, falling squarely as they did in the middle of summer vacation and netting the average school child a grand total of bupkiss. As an adult of course I can now take full advantage of the extra day off, and plan to show my Provincial patriotism by binge drinking, DJing a fetish party and enjoying my neighbourhood’s massive gay pride parade. With that in mind, here’s some songs to get things off to the right kind of start.

IAMX, “Bernadette (German Video Version)”
I wasn’t really feeling this track in the english language form as it appeared on Chris Corner’s last album Volatile Times. Something about the old-timey oompah band sound put me off (perhaps my contact allergy to all things steampunk or steampunkesque?), especially coming in the middle of a host of slinky electro-rock ditties. Enter this alternate video version that flips the script with German vocals, summoning up a Weimar cabaret steez that services the song way better if you’re asking me, which I tacitly assume you are if you’re still reading this and not just skipping to the video. You can also watch the English language version of the cool, stereo camera styled vid if you’re so inclined. Both cuts appear on the digital single for “Bernadette” which dropped today via all the major online digital music retailers.

Dance or Die, “Dance or Die (Solitary Experiments remix)”
Dance or Die’s eponymous song is ridiculously ornate in it’s original form, wedding as it does early 90s EBM to a fat gothic organ, on some Dracula’s disco shit. Straight classic club jam, and one that doesn’t make much sense to remix, after all, how you gonna improve it? Enter the dudes from Solitary Experiments who give it a sharp little makeover, modernizing while not running roughshod over it’s charms. Appearing on the bonus disk of the special edition of DoD’s new record Nostradamnation, out August 9th on Metropolis.

Dead When I Found Her, “Sin”
Portland’s Dead When I Found Her comes with a faithful recounting of the oft-covered NIN classic. DWIFH puts a new one of these up on his Soundcloud every couple months, past covers have included Skinny Puppy’s “Dead Lines”, Prince’s “When Doves Cry” and an endearingly unironic take on Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight”. Downloads are limited to 100, but there seems to be a couple left at the time of this posting. While you’re at it, you should check out Dead When I Found Her’s debut from last year Harms’s Way for some classic 80s post-industrial sounds with some nice circa now production touches.

SIN (nine inch nails cover) by deadwhenifoundher

Erode, “Brutal Romance (Remix of Deadlock)”
We don’t normally fuck with melodic death metal here at ID:UD, not out of any lack of love for the genre (Bruce has an unreasonable number of Carcass CDs, At the Gates is my 5 a.m. bus music), but because it ain’t really our wheelhouse. That said, this tits-out remix has got exception written all over it. Produced by Alexander Dietsch of german metallists Heaven Shall Burn in his technoid guise as Erode, it appears at the tail end of his rad new album Horizon out just t’other day on Tympanik. Expect a full review of that one from us shortly, but in the meantime you can enjoy the lush pads, rattling breaks and subtly effected vocals. Smooth!