Our So Fragile mixtape series returns with an expansive entry courtesy of long-time friend of the site Scott Fox of iVardensphere. Per Scott, the mix is made up of music new and old which speaks to him, spanning genres like rhythmic noise, bass, abstract techno, IDM and tribal industrial. Could some hints about the iVardensphere LP due this year be hidden amongst the vast canyons and deep crevices of this mix? Only Scott knows. Check out the recently released Exile and then crank this one up: it’s best experienced as physically as possible.

1. Mimetic- Homunculus
2 Max Cooper- Seething
3. Lorn- All In Order
4. Emptyset- Border
5. Biome- Juganu
6. Trifonic- Baalbek (Hecq Remix)
7. Geomatic- Serpent’s Tooth
8. The Haxan Cloak- Excavation Pt. 1
9. Eric Holm- Stave
10. Ben Frost- Hibakusja
11. Shxcxchcxsh- SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs
12. Rawtekk- Aftermath
13. Kaiju- M16
14. Hecq- 0006 1
15. Underfelt- K712
16. Kangding Ray- Amber Decay
17. Iszoloscope- First Transcendental Component
18. Orphx- Walk Into The Broken Night
19. Cervello Elettronico- Prophetic Vision
20. Clipping- True Believer
21. Roly Porter- Departure Stage
22. Mlada Fronta- CO
23. Slaven- Uncharted Territory
24. Subheim- Conspiracies
25. Squaremeter- Sifer
26. Jon Hopkins- Insides
27. Juno Reactor- Playing with Fire