Alex Reed. Photo courtesy of Jill Grant @Take it for Granted

Alex Reed and his project Seeming should be very familiar to readers of this site: he released our favourite album of 2014, appeared multiple times on our podcast before and since, and this year put out one of the top contenders for year end recognition in the form of SOL: A Self Banishment Ritual, a step forward into a soulful and unexplored endtimes. With a new single Talk About Bones dropping today Alex was a natural choice to participate in our So Fragile mixtape series. When asked about his selections and their influence on his recent work he has this to say:

These 18 tracks span 45 years and four continents, but they collectively point toward a sense of expansive mystery, anguish, and determination. You might not hear many four-on-the-floor club beats, but you’ll certainly hear something compelling. This mixtape is representative of my last few years’ listening as I made the SOL album and thought about avenues forward for Our Thing. Enjoy!

Talk About Bones is out now via Bandcamp.

Laurie Anderson, “The Beginning of Memory” (2010)
Boscoe, “Writin’ on the Wall” (1973)
Diamanda Galás, “Hee Shock Die” (1996)
Kate Tempest, “The Beigeness” (2014)
Iz, “Shadow” (2011)
These New Puritans, “Orion” (2010)
Barry Adamson, “Whispering Streets” (2002)
People, “Glastonbury” (1971)
Gil Scott-Heron, “Home Is Where the Hatred Is” (1971)
Family Fodder, “Der Leiermann (Organ Grinder)” (1981)
Sharkbait, “Vertical Assault” (1990)
Cromagnon, “First World of Bronze” (1969)
Black Uhuru, “Mercy Street (dub)” (1993)
Sinoia Caves, “Run Program—Sentionauts” (2014)
Eric B. & Rakim, “Juice (Know the Ledge) (Instrumental)” (1991)
Until December, “Sequence Line” (1986)
Judee Sill, “The Donor” (1973)
Edwin Starr, “Time” (1970)