Morning, folks! As luck would have it, this happens to be our 100th Tracks post here at ID:UD. We hope that these five hundred tunes (give or take) have kept you abreast of what’s happening in our end of the pool, have turned you on to a couple of bands you might not have otherwise checked, and have maybe even helped you get through the odd Monday with a song in your heart. Let’s do this and then get started on the next hundred!

I just hope I can rock a jacket that fierce at that age.

Henric De La Cour, “Shark”
WOW. The polar opposite of the only other track we’ve heard from Henric’s forthcoming Mandrills, the classic Swedish synth bounce on this tune is un-fucking-stoppable. With a heart-wrenching vocal and a characteristically stylin’ video, this is a straight-up love letter from Frank Booth. If Mandrills can deliver on half of the range and quality its hinting at thus far, there’s an absolute monster coming.

3 Teeth, “Nihil”
The third single from this LA trio is perhaps even noisier and more violent than their previous two blasts. Decree, Bodychoke, even Monotheist-era Celtic Frost come to mind. I’m torn between wanting an album from these cats right now and hoping they ensure that their first proper release is full of cuts this huge.

Loomec, “Treibsand”
When we talked with m.i.a.b. main-man Stefan Poiss a while back he mentioned that this collaborative project with Martin Mejzlik was in the works, but what with no less than two THYX albums dropping in the interim, that notion was pushed to the back of my mental rolodex. Not so now, with this suave and slinky number showing a side of Poiss’ work hitherto unknown. Personal Drugstore will be released next week, watch this space for a review. Also, points for reviving the “mysterious briefcase” conceit. It’s been a while.

Lié, “Pire”
Speedy yet gloomy goth-punk fare happening right in our backyard! Lié just gigged in LA with High-Functioning Flesh, and have an EP out on Function Operate (the same label which brought us Tannhauser Gate) which I’ll definitely be checking out. Kinda reminds me of the excellent but MIA Modern Creatures, also from our fair city.

Needle Factory, “The Ride”
…And finally, we’ll send you off with a demo from Manc outfit Needle Factory. Far less aggro or witchy than the tones of their first two releases, there’s plenty of bubbly synth swing and bounce here. Should be interesting to see if this is a mode that’ll be explored more fully on their next bit of work.