Hola amigos! I’m writing to you via the magic of modern technology, or more accurately from my phone while I ride the bus to work. It was a whirlwind of a weekend between hauling PA all day for a gig on Saturday and mainlining cartoons on Netflix, but as always there’s the balm of new music to consider, enjoy and ease us into a new week. Here’s my selections for the end-of-April-beginning-of-May, share and enjoy!

THYX, “Network of Light”
Considering how heady and conceptual mind.in.a.box records are as a rule, it’s probably not all that surprising that Stefan Poiss is following up his solo release as THYX from last year so quickly. Creating outside of the expectations of m.i.a.b must be pretty freeing, and as some of the cool stuff Stefan has already done under the moniker (aside from the album, he did the awesome fan sound-sourced “Project Tape Evidence” as a free download, and has done some interesting collaborations with video game animator and musician Ray Koefoed) indicates, it’s an outlet for a lot of different ideas. I dig on the use of breakbeats in this new single, it’s a nice 90s touch in what is otherwise a very slick, modernistic synth jam. Very keen to hear the record!

Carter Tutti, “Coolicon (Edit)”
The first couple of industrial had an amazing year in 2012 with the release of the amazing and beautiful Desertshore as well as the hypnotic Carter Tutti Void LP, both albums we still give spins. Their new track “Coolicon” is a tribute to Delia Derbyshire, with the duo apparantly utilizing the same style of metal lampshade (!!) she did to create various weird, swooping and scraping sounds. Love this jam, it has that weird, exotic electronic sound of the Chris & Cosey material with some classically industrial textures emerging and receding throughout. It’ll be available on green vinyl via their webshop on May 20th, let’s hope a new album follows soon!

Architect, “Answers Come in Peace”
Shouts out to the good folks at Digital Recovery, who have thus far put out five excellent Bandcamp compilations, each one dedicated to a different cause. The latest, from which this unreleased Architect track is drawn, is to raise funds for the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition and features contributions from plenty of our favourites like Necro Facility, The Gothsicles and V▲LH▲LL amongst others. Head on over and drop them a few bucks, support some research and get some cool tunes to boot. And hey, I just realized that the name of this song is a Coil/Meat Beat reference! Bonus!

Corvx de Timor, “Dolo (Seranade by M‡яc∆ll∆)”
One of the coolest things about the witchy music online community is that its collaborative nature and tendency to instantly disseminating new songs via Soundcloud means we have a near constant stream of cool new tunes popping up. Take for example this chance meeting of two artists we quite like, with hella mysterious NYC act M‡яc∆ll∆ spooking up one of Corvx de Timor’s deliberate and measured slices of the new bleakness. Free download from Soundcloud if you’re so inclined, and why in God’s name wouldn’t you be? By the by, the pre-order for M‡яc∆ll∆’s new split with V▲LH▲LL just went live over at Phantasma Disques, so you may want to mosey on over to secure yourself a copy.

OLMS, “Share the Same Madness”
I almost spat out my Vitamin Water while reading Olms’ bio when I got to the bit where it says he was born in 1995. Not to make a deal out of someone’s age or anything, but his synthy-darkwavey music certainly sounds a lot more seasoned than his years would suggest. At any rate, it reminds me a bit of Din [A] Tod, and that’s never unwelcome, you can listen to the album streaming on Bandcamp right now, download to follow later presumably. Jesus Christ I feel old.