It looks as though our We Have A Commentary podcast on Chemlab’s Burnout At The Hydrogen Bar did pretty well for itself; evidently we weren’t the only ones keen to cast an eye back to Jared Louche’s sleazy cyberpunk beginnings. In case anyone’s unaware, commentary podcasts like that are produced once a month thanks to our Patreon backers. In a perfect world, they’re an opportunity to both remind ourselves of why we first became fascinated with a particular record, and in researching it perhaps find some new reasons to keep listening. We’d like to think this last one fit the bill, so thanks for checking it out! On with this week’s Tracks.

Herr Myer

Body Beat Ritual, “Crash Report”
Another body music act from the simmering Oceanic region, Body Beat Ritual tap into the rawer, less overtly dance oriented aspect of EBM for their forthcoming double-A side single. Listen to the way the drums are programmed and the bubbling bass sequence, along with the pitchy lead sounds and degraded samples. This is still groovy, body-moving stuff, but removed from the easy style markers that have rapidly been used up in the recent resurgence of the genre. It’s weapons-grade stuff, and arriving right at the time when a sterner outlook on the style is totally welcome.

Die Selektion, “Kalter Atem (Tommy Four Seven Remix)”
A full year and a half seems like a bit of a wait for a remix release, especially when we’re only looking at four tracks, but given that the record in question is Die Selektion’s coldwave tour de force Deine Stimme Ist Der Ursprung Jeglicher Gewalt, and we’re looking at some a + w approved remixes, we’ll overlook the statute of limitations. The nimble electro of the original’s swapped out for a frantic kick-fest courtesy of Tommy Four Seven. Few bands saw the shape of things to come as early and as clearly as Die Selektion, and they’re still yet to reap all the rewards of their prescience.

DSTR, “What Else is There?”
We got to hear Daniel Myer (performing as DSTR) perform this cover of Royksopp’s contemporary classic “What Else is There?” at Terminus Festival last year, just one aspect of a typically memorable performance from the man of many projects. Where the original was at the vanguard of the mid-2000s shift in contemporary dance music, this version has something of a late 90s synth pop feel, like if Wolfsheim had cut the song in their prime. Delightful to have access to this previously live-only gem.

Fractured Transmission, “Operator”
LA’s Nick Viola always comes correct as Fractured Transmission, whether he’s dishing out old school powernoise or taking a cue from contemporary techno sounds. On this, one of three tracks on the latest Fractured Transmission release, we’re getting a little bit of both, with a stormy but sculpted bit of bluster being smoothed out by the mildest hints of bouncing harmonics. A spoonful of sequencing makes the concrete go down.

Flint Glass, “Deep Phylogeny (Broken Fabiola Edit)”
We would have thought it difficult for Crunch Pod to outdo their previous The Future Of Dreaming comp, but at 47 tracks the second edition thereof is a bandwidth choking beast. Thankfully, on a quick skim the quality control looks solid, with tracks from site friends and faves including Sleep Clinic, 80KV, W.A.S.T.E., Alexandra Atnif, and The Present Moment. It’s always a treat to check in on France’s all too often elusive Flint Glass, who’s pushing further into downtempo territory on this track.

IV Horsemenm, “Judex”
While disappointingly not a coldwave tribute to the classic wrestling stable, IV Horsemen’s forthcoming EP on aufnahme + wiedergabe doesn’t lack for a high concept hook. While musically the sound is somewhere between body music and the new wave of European darkwave, the chanted Latin vocals give the whole affair a more ornate and portentous feel. Seems like a perfect fit for a + w, the label that best exemplifies fresh takes on familiar ideas.