It’s Monday, and along with being the day of the week that we toss you some linkage to new songs we’ve been bumping in the HQ, this week is also a milestone in that it demarks our 300th post here on I Die: You Die! These little milestones are always special for us, and as always we’d like to thank y’all for your patronage, your link shares and taking some time our of your week to read our foolishness. The amount of personal satisfaction we get from the site is considerable, and knowing that this stuff isn’t just evaporating into the morass of the web is gratifying in the extreme. We owe y’all a drink or a fist bump or somethin’.

Hey, did anyone go see Dredd this weekend? Kind of disappointing that it seems to be tanking at the box office; it’s a solid action picture with grittiness and insane ultraviolence and is faithful enough to the comics that folks shouldn’t find too much to complain about. Anyways, Geoff Barrow of Portishead and soundtrack composer Ben Salisbury released a whole record of music “inspired by Mega-City One” back in April that I suspect was intended for the film, but was nixed by studio folks. Shame since its 70s Carpenter vibe could have added a lot to the picture. Go check it out on Bandcamp, s’good!

Anyways, all kindsa cool stuff this week, let’s do this!


By Any Means Necessary, “Contradicting Impression”
When I wrote about BAMN back in January I thought I detected notes of Dirk Ivens in the bouquet of the project’s eighties post-industrial pastiche. Okay, fine, I was thinking Klinik but I Dive is probably a better touchstone for this jam off of By Any Means Neccesary’s new split single with Kangarot; it’s simple, dark, grinding and evil as all hell and the devil too. Their other two songs from the single are a little more in line with what you might have expected, some solid instrumental business that calls to mind Puppy, Portion Control, maybe a little Cabs. You can snag the whole deal off Bandcamp for $3 yankee dollars, do yourself a favour, huh?

The Pain Machinery, “Hours + Hours (Klinik cover)”
Speaking of the Klinik, our boys from the Swedish EBM Mafia have released a cover of the venerable Belgian industrialists’ classic “Hours + Hours” as a free download on Soundcloud. TPM has been busting this out live for a few years, so it’s nice to have a document of it, both as a testament to the influence of Ivens and Verhaeghen on EBM of all stripes and as a digestif for The Pain Machinery’s delightful Restart, a record we recommend heartily.

DSTR, “Silent World (Sebastian Komor additions)”
So, I guess Destroid had or is in the process of having a name change? In a move reminiscent of the ever-shifting moniker of Daniel Myer’s previous side-project Cleen/Cleaner/Clear Vision, it appears that any previous social media associated with the name Destroid has been replaced with new accounts featuring abbreviated name that appeared on the cover of their most recent EP, coincidentally the one that gave us the original version of this track. Appearing here in a remixed form by friend of the site Sebastian Komor, there’s a new Bandcamp site up where this can by had by donation. Maybe new stuff on the horizon also? That’d be great, but if they could also get us a reissue of Future Prophecies that’d be cool, the gap in the “D” section of my CD storage has been taunting me for a minute now.

Displacer, “Red Sky”
So I guess I have to add a new Displacer record to the list of stuff we need to listen to for best of 2012 consideration. Oh sure, that may sound like a silly thing to be concerned about in September, but Michael Morton’s IDM and technoid productions have been ID:UD faves for a few years, if his debut for Hymen is as good as pretty much any of his previous albums (including the dope Night Gallery from 2011), we’d be remiss in not giving it our full attention when it drops. Enjoy this pleasant little number, we’ll undoubtedly be letting you know how Foundation is soon as we get it in our hot little hands.

Displacer – Red Sky from Crime League on Vimeo.

Ambassador 21 “Megeneration X”
Here’s a new one from Ambassador 21, industrial’s tireless digital hardcore crossover act. You can find this one on the artist-organized In Praise of the Fallen – Volume 3 charity comp, an artist organized effort to raise funds for the 9/11 first responders. Notables who have donated songs (including many exclusives) to this volume include Stiff Valentine, Pigface, Chrysalide, Uberbyte, Volt 9000 and a host of others. You can check it out over on Bandcamp, it’s a great cause and one we’re happy to endorse.