Just some new or new to me songs I’ve been rocking on the headphones of late. 2011’s been an abnormally good year for things in our end of the pool (to steal Bruce’s idiom), I actually feel slightly guilty that my “to listen to” pile is so out of hand. Only so many hours in the day, especially when you’re given to spending your whole god damn Sunday hungover on the couch listening to disk 2 of The Swans Various Failures on repeat while staring at the TV, which isn’t even turned on. I digress, here’s some flashy newish tunes from Mina Harker, Aesthetic Perfection, Sol Invictus, Javelynn and Marsheaux.

Mina Harker, “Bittersüß”
I’ll admit it, I got a mild weakness for Neue Deutsche Härte ballads of the type that Unheilig has had dialed in for a few records now. This is in that same vein, bit less dramatic, but the songcraft is nice and surprisingly tasteful. Also, I can’t even pronounce the name of this song. I don’t even recognize one of the letters in it.

Aesthetic Perfection, “The Devil’s in the Details (Go Devils! Remix by Modulate)”
I copped the special tour only release of this single a couple months back at Kinetik, and this version has quickly supplanted the original mix (which you can download free from AP’s website by the way) in my playlists. Modulate are good at clubbin’ up songs, and I’m feelin’ the added vocoder. Sorry that the end of this is cut off, but it’s the only linkable version I could find.

Sol Invictus, “Toys”
Neofolk is a real love it or hate it affair, but since I tend to fall in the former camp, I’m enjoying the new disk of dark strummy business from Tony Wakeford and company. This track features the couplet “The Daleks are running the counsel/The Action Man likes little boys” which is chuckleworthy, certainly.

Javelynn, “Wannabe”
A nice upbeat guitar oriented electro club jam from ex-Ashbury Heights vocalist Yaz. Lyrics are silly as all hell, but I got this stuck in my ear the other day and caught myself singing it to myself while doing the dishes, which is a good sign for a track’s dancefloor potential.

Marsheaux, “Can You Stop Me?”
Nope, couldn’t stop the greek synthpop powerhouse if I tried, and god knows why I would want to. The gals in Marsheaux channel a bit of Deep Cuts era The Knife on the rhythm track with wonderful results. Can’t wait for a new album from them. Nice video too!

Whoa, I just noticed that three of these acts are on Out Of Line. Huh.