Hey friends, I’m sick as hell today. Fortunately I managed to bang out the majority of this post yesterday when I was feeling less poorly, so I can spend today in bed sleeping, reading comics and watching Doctor Who. On a side note though, it’s gonna be a crazy week here at ID:UD. We have this monster Gary Numan piece in the works and an interview with [:SITD:] about their new album that I think is pretty stellar. Anyways, enjoy these new tunes, I’m going back to bed.

IAMX, “Volatile Times (IAMseX Unfall Rework)”
This video has been out for a minute now, but I just got around to watching it. Nice to see a pumped up alternate version of the track (a favorite off of the album of the same name) used for it, it’s on the song’s remix EP, which also features a nice Noblesse Oblige version where they bust out the electro-cabaret thing they specialize in so well.

Dunkelwerk, “Kommt (Short Edit)”

This is the first track to make an appearance from Dunkelwerk’s third record Die Ungl├╝ckshaften. I’m not super familiar with this project, but I think it’s rad that he specifically identifies as an Endzeit act. Seems like most of Claus and Rudy’s kids have been sucked into aggrotech, so it’s nice to hear something with the emotional feel of Leaetherstrip and older :W: material. You can download it, along with a ton of other music (including a typically great Kant Kino remix of Malakwa’s “Monster”) direct from Alfa Matrix’s Facebook as part of their anniversary comp Matrix Downloaded. I can’t fault the guys at AF, between this and Face The Beat they’re giving away a ton of cool music lately.
Dunkelwerk – Kommt (short cut) by idie:youdie

Skinny Puppy, “Village”

New Skinny Puppy record is coming out soon, so brace yourselves for another round of Woody Allen-esque “I prefer their earlier, scarier records” type comments. You know, for a band that scarcely held onto a single sound for longer than a two album streak, it seems like a lot of folks are awful quick to group their 80s and 90s output into one homogenous “golden age”. Point being that this is the third record since Ogre and Cevin started working together again, no, they aren’t gonna make something that sounds like whatever Puppy you love best sounded like, take the new stuff on it’s own terms. Do you really want to hear these guys try to remake Too Dark Park in 2011? I don’t, and regardless of my feelings on either of the 00’s albums (pretty good, not great respectively) I’d way rather hear them try something new. *Whew* Anyways, I like the weird rubbery Download-esque bass sounds at the beginning of this, and I love Ogre using his voice in a way we haven’t heard in a while on the chorus. It’s a good song, and I daresay I might get some dancefloor mileage out of it.

Soil & Eclipse, “Vox of Creatura”

Hey, new Soil & Eclipse, as a free download to boot! Never felt like these guys got their due, maybe because they’re an American band with a distinctly European sensibility in their presentation and sound. This song indicates that Jay still has a unique and super identifiable vocal presence (remember the Deathline album he sang on? That was tits), and I like the vocoder bits that act as a counterpoint to him quite a lot.