Morning, gang. A schism’s emerged in the ID:UD senior staff, what with johnny-come-lately Alex being able to glut himself upon all of the Skyrim DLC available on XBOX, while I, who risked deadlines and endangered his relationship for the sake of ridding vaults of draugr and fashioning ever more deadly ebony bows for nearly a full year, am left out in the cold with my vanilla PS3 version. The console wars are smouldering embers, always ready to leap into flame at the slightest provocation, so why must you pour gasoline on them and set brother against brother, Bethesda? That said, we were able to put aside our petty grievances to help recreate the party from Hackers on Saturday, so that was pretty cool. To business…

M‡яc▲ll▲, “Şpєcįєs oғ Gяoєsqưєrұ (TΛNZ DΛNZΞ mix by Sleepless Nights)”
As you might’ve noticed if you follow our Twitter and FB activities, the 16-track remix companion to V▲LH▲LL & M‡яc▲ll▲’s Għøsŧs of Λnŧįquįŧұ split is now available on Bandcamp by donation, and we can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s chock-a-block full of great mixes by the likes of C/Δ/T, BLVCK CEILING, ∆AIMON, DEATHAUS, DSX, and plenty more. I’m especially fond of the exclusive original track from M‡яc▲ll▲ and Darkforce Compex, as well as this pulsing, bleepy stomper, but the whole kaboodle’s well worth yr time, bandwidth, and a few clinks in the tip jar.

Kafka, “Trial”
Urceus Exit mainmain and all-around Vancouver synth whiz Richard Duggan unveiled a new side project just a scant few days ago. So far he’s made three lengthy excursions into the nooks and crannies of techno far beyond my book-learnin’, but I’m digging the insistent, darkly plodding beat of this tune which escorts Josef K to the quarry.

Spatial Relation, “Dissociative Females”
The Nashville minimal synth duo return with a somewhat easier-to-swallow tune than the last one we discussed, but don’t let the simplicity of the beat fool you, there’s plenty of eerie synth weirdness and darkly suave gloss in this bit. A name to start keeping tabs on, for certain.
dissociative females by Spatial Relation

Tired Arms, “Party Rings Footage”
A friend of the site tipped me off to this new British duo who’ve released an EP of nocturnal, pretty downtempo tunes that have a shimmering vein of post-rock to them. Their EP should appeal if you dig Displacer, Mend, or Sepalcure’s more sedate moements.

Daniel B. Prothèse, “SSymme3”
Alfa Matrix has issued the second of its 4.4U digital EPs showcasing new material from its signees, much of which is exclusive. In addition to pieces from Metroland, Aesthetiche, and Mentallo & The Fixer, there’s a new work by the legendary Daniel B, though not under the Nothing But Noise imprint which we spoke to him about. Just the second track to ever appear under the Prothèse name, this is a wildly experimental but furious sawtooth assault which really does seem to pick up where Front 242’s Pulse left off. I am really hoping this isn’t a one-off: I’d go buck wild for a full LP of this stuff.

Terminal Gods, Lessons In Fire
Terminal Gods: breaking faces and winning hearts. I was jazzed to see a fellow Vancouverite rocking one of their tees at a recent trad goth club night I spun at, and even more excited to see “Electric Eyes” murder the floor and prompt a flood of “who was that?”s afterward. Anyway, their second 7″ has been sitting mighty fine with me for the past couple of weeks, and they’ve just released a vid for the chugging, almost crooning A-side. If you haven’t yet, catch up on their previous stuff and get on board with the new because this night train isn’t making any stops once it picks up steam.