Hola amigos! Back from Vacation, and ready to hit the ground running with tons of cool new music to chat about! I’m currently jetlagged all to hell, not to mention paying the price for a few weeks of Beijing street food, chain-smoking commie branded cigarettes at 75 cents a pack and drinking massive amounts of wicked-cheap Yanjing beer (proud sponsor of China’s lunar exploration program), so you’ll have to bear with me as I slowly get myself back up to speed. That said, we have a bunch of cool interviews in the works and some more neat features you’ll wanna check out, so thanks for keeping us on your radar during our scheduled absence! Let’s get to it!

Noisuf-X – Future Ska feat. Population
I’m not the world’s biggest Noisuf-X fan, although I do recognize dude’s production chops. His tracks always sound nice and full-bodied and really clubbable, but often times just fall into the generic techno-EBM sound Jan L. is the godfather of. That said, I’m digging this oddball Ska-EBM fusion number off the new record, horns and all. It’s a collaboration with UK skanksters Population who I assume bring the pick-it-up pick-it-up rhythm. Silly, maybe. Interesting? Certainly!

Die Rostigen Löffel – Wer schoener ist als ich, ist eh geschminkt
When we interviewed Chris Peterson a few weeks ago he mentioned he was working with these guys via the magic of the internet. This is the kind of riffy industrial metal with German vocals I can get behind, and you can certainly hear Corndog’s production touches and ear for texture. This and a few other more electronic tracks from these fellas can be downloaded from Bandcamp, with a promise of more songs as they’re completed. Have I mentioned how fortunate we all are that so many artists are giving us cool music to listen to free of charge lately?

Arzt + Pfusch – Fall of an Empire
Those hippie doctors from outer space and their weird dark electro are back! I’ve loved these guys since their fabulously sardonic Warum and Love? albums of the late 90s, so hearing that our homeboys at Complete Control Productions were putting out new material from the iconoclastic Danes was certainly welcome, if a touch unexpected. This track and “The Secret File” (also available to listen to via Bandcamp) make up a double A-side single, and will hopefully serve as a precursor to a whole new record. By the way, did you know you can download pretty much their whole discography free? No need to thank me, just spread the love.

Henric de la Cour – Dracula
Apparently this dude used to sing for Sweish new wave alt. rockers Yvonne, who some of you may recall from their run in the late 90s and early 2000s. This is a nice slice of DM-esque synthpop, and hopefully means good things for the forthcoming album on Progress Productions.
Henric de la Cour – Dracula by ProgressProductions