We have a blast trying (always unsuccessfully) to keep up with all of the new releases we like to talk about here at ID:UD, but that routine can often leave precious little time for remedial or, heaven forfend, “just for fun” listening. Along with whatever time we can carve out for reading, we find time spent video game serves as a good neutral ground where we can dust off some old favourites alongside the new stuff we’re previewing for discussion here. We wrote a piece a while back pairing records with video games, but even under less formal circumstances it’s always fun to toss on some albums that fit the mood of whatever digital k-hole one happens to be trapped in. Alex has been working his way through Shadow of Mordor while playing the new mind.in.a.box and Agent Side Grinder records (stay tuned later this week for the full details), while Bruce has been kicking it nostalgic with old Legendary Pink Dots and Dragonforce (no fooling) as the soundtrack to the decidedly retro-minded Might & Magic X. Why not toss on some of this week’s new tracks when you next settle down with a controller or keyboard for the evening?

Photo courtesy of Jill Grant @doomsdayjill.tumblr.com

Volt 9000, “Glitch In Time”
The Terminus band announcements keep causing us to frantically text each other in excitement while at work. The inclusion of Ottawa’s Volt 9000 was no exception, and just happens to coincide with this very promising taster of what’s to come on fifth LP Timeshift. We don’t wanna make too much out of one song, but this finds Cory Gorski moving even further out of the shadow of his early influences than on the band’s last record, 2013’s excellent Conopoly.

Static Starlight, “Got Souls (Randolph & Mortimer remix)”
A new remix from the UK’s Randolph & Mortimer, just as we were wondering when we were gonna hear something new from these new school industrial loyalists. Hyping up the oddball techno of Californian act Static Starlight, R&M display the same capacity for sample manipulation, halting mechanical percussion and deep rolling basslines that made their take on 3 Teeth such a banger last year. Take note, these guys are on the way up.

Weird Candle, “Science”
Ultra-promising Vancouver synth act Weird Candle bless us with another sneak peek of their forthcoming LP for Weyrd Son Regeneration. Located somewhere in a spectrum that includes body music, classic synthpunk weirdness and a healthy dose of spooksy ghost sounds, the duo of Kilroy Katerwol and Caleb Blag have been teasing this release with some seriously good leaked tracks and a recently stepped up live show. Those in Vancouver can catch them live April 30th with Comaduster and Jeremy Inkel (and ID:UD’s own DJ R-Lex) at The Red Room. Album drops a few weeks later on May 22nd.

L’Enfant De La Forêt, “The Noise Of This World”
Also on the Terminus bill will be outrun sensation Perturbator, still riding high off that Miami Hotline buzz into the earbuds of sysadmins everywhere. But James Kent does work in some doomier styles, as well. Check this piece from his L’Enfant De La Forêt side project. Those hefty scoops of echoing bass and thumping kicks have far more in common with Aufnahme Und Wiedergabe than Telefuture. Maybe if a sequel to Limbo needs some scoring…

Mouthguard88, “Looking For Wildlife”
More hypercolor weirdness from Cory You’s SlimeTrax label. Techno and rave styles from across the last twenty or so years are given the Burroughs cut-up treatment by Mouthguard88, whose members have jammed out with Lightning Bolt and done time in Tzadik-styled experimental rock outfit Normal Love. We can’t tell whether the aesthetic connotes hallucinogens more than toothpaste or not, but either way Philip K Dick would surely approve.

3 Teeth, “Dissolve (Sirus remix)”
We give a lot of love to the North American festival scene, but it’s also important for us to shout out some of the folks doing it right overseas, like say the good folks at Resistanz. Consistently well-booked, promoted with great artwork and a solid aesthetic of it’s own, Tanz’s fifth iteration will be going down April 3rd, 4th and 5th at Sheffield’s Corporation. And hey, if you needed another reason to give them some love, they’ve done a great job with the festival compilations year over year, featuring exclusives like this dope remix of 3 Teeth by Australia’s Sirus.