Well, I’m off to China tomorrow, which means that despite my earlier promises of some content to hold you over whilst myself and Bruce are out of town, the blog will be in stasis for two weeks. However, when we come back, there’ll be plenty of cool content, including some interviews with a few more of our favorite artists, a bunch of reviews of new records (some of which I’ll be listening to on the Bataan death march of a plane ride to Asia) and more of the opinionated foolishness and fanboyism we specialize in. Now, I wouldn’t be much of a blogger if I left you with absolutely nothing, but it’s been a busy week and I’m still one filthy apartment and several unpacked suitcases away from being ready, so you’ll have to settle for a few tracks from some forthcoming albums we’re excited for. Play ’em loud, enjoy ’em and we’ll be back with more in a few weeks!

Haujobb – “Little World”
This dropped this morning, just as I finished packing. Sure, the lyrics aren’t specifically about travel or movement (it seems more like one of those “inner world” type things to my sleep-deprived brain) but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t sound like the kind of song I’d wanna listen to while I sip a beer on the Great Wall. Could we here at ID:UD be more excited about the new Haujobb album dropping? Probably not, no, but thanks for asking.

The Present Moment – “A New Day”

TPM’s forthcoming record is another one we’re terribly excited for. This one is a lot more OMD/Ultravox-esque than Scott Milton has given us before, which is just fine IMO. Go read our interview with the man why don’t you?
The Present Moment – A New Day by 1FTP

Gary Numan – “Dead Son Rising”
We named our website after a Gary Numan song, I’m pretty sure Bruce cried after he got to see Gary Numan last year in Seattle, I Die: You Die is devoted to the man, y’knowhamsayin’? I’ve enjoyed a lot of the stuff Gary has been doing with Ade Fenton and his fingerprints seem to be on this, the title track from the soon to be released LP.
Gary Numan – Dead Sun Rising by theQuietus