Terminus is in the bag, but as attendees may have heard, Jill of Take It For Granted (and podcast guest) and Adrian of Onsendesigns Photography are assembling a photo book of shots of each of the acts from the fest. Regular Industrial Summer Camp folk will have seen Jill and Adrian in the trenches at pretty much each and every festival that happens in North America, documenting all the goings on, and both’s work features regularly on these pages. The book should be a great souvenir for anyone who was in Calgary this year, and both myself and festival Chris Hewitt will be penning short pieces about Terminus to be included in the book as well. Stay tuned for options to buy the book, now on with this week’s Tracks!


Nagamatzu: Even putting Simon Gallup circa 1985 to shame.

Lucifer’s Aid, “Deep Inside”
New stuff from Carl Nilsson, whose work with Operating Tracks we’ve featured a few times. It’s a nice mix of straight-forward programming and a certain icy je ne sais quois atmosphere, and given that the project’s debut LP is being released by the generally awesome Progress Productions, I imagine we’ll be listening further. Also, the project’s title has to be the most obscure Puppy (by way of Dance Of The Vampires) reference we’ve ever heard, so bonus points there.

V▲LH▲LL, “Тили Тили Бом/Tili Tili Bom (ЈѴѕҬ ВӠӋӀЍЭ ҮѺЦ Edit)”
Trust our favourite Mystery Vikings to use a bit of Russian creepypasta as the occasion for resurfacing from beneath dark Scandanavian waters. A would-be fairytale about things going bump in the night, coming to steal away naughty children is right in their chopped n’ screwed wheelhouse. It’s easy to dismiss horrors like this as being of modern vintage, but hey, that’s what people who’d only seen The Office said about Struwwelpeter.

Nagamatzu, “Spenkelink & Darden”
The partnership between Dark Entries and Nagamatzu has certainly been a fruitful one. The Ipswitch duo’s early 80s catalog, full of oddball ambient, funk, and industrial jams which showcase just how far reaching “post-punk” was as a tag, has been steadily being reissued by our favourite label specializing in archival releases. The latest missive, Above This Noise, looks to be an odd n’ sods comp filling in spaces between their formal releases, but some mixups between band, label, and pressing plant resulted in some track list errors. This cut was accidentally left off the LP, so it’s been put up as a free download. Check out this synth-funk breakdown, and cop Above The Noise when it makes its way to yr local shop.

Underfelt, “K712”
Underfelt’s the handle our boy Réal Cardinal of Comaduster uses for his more bass-oriented impulses, but nearly all of the qualities we’ve come to love Comaduster for – elegant sculpturing of sound, weaving a clear emotional mood from texture as well as arrangement – are on display on a track which almost has more in common with dark ambient than any iteration of bass music we’re familiar with. Though if anyone’s going to be riding the cutting edge of the latter, it’d be Réal…

Ambassador 21, “Revelation”
It’s been a few years since we had anything new from Belarusian digital hardcore outfit Ambassador 21, but after having successfully come through cancer surgery, Alexey and partner Natasha are back at it. Not sure if this single portends a new full length or not, but I’m digging the integration of a more martial beat into their normally nigh-indecipherable percussion mix.