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  1. Pouppée Fabrikk - Bring Back The Ways Of Old

    End To End: Pouppée Fabrikk, “Bring Back The Ways Of Old”

    April 5, 2013  |  End to End  |  Comments (0)

    SwEBM’s progenitors return with a rusty and violent shot across the bow of contemporary dancefloor sounds.

  2. spetsnaz

    Spetsnaz, “For Generations To Come”

    March 12, 2013  |  Album Reviews  |  Comments (0)

    The Swedish body music traditionalists return with an album that doesn’t stray far from what they’ve always been known for.

  3. In the future, men ill be prized for their proficiency at optimizing distortion in effects chains.

    Tracks: January 28th, 2013

    January 28, 2013  |  Tracks  |  Comments (2)

    Do you want some new music? Can we perhaps interest you in some Voster, Blush Response, In Death it Ends, Spetsnaz, Die Krupps or Cryogenic Echelon?


    So Fragile #14: SwEBM for the SweBeMasses

    October 4, 2012  |  Mixtapes  |  Comments (4)

    The all Swedish EBM mixtape we’ve been meaning to make for a while, featuring The Pain Machinery, Spetsnaz, Severe Illusion, EkoBrottsMyndigheten, Autodafeh, Pouppée Fabrikk and more!

  5. You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge.

    So Fragile #3: While the Cat’s Away

    September 1, 2011  |  Mixtapes  |  Comments (1)

    Enjoy this half-hour end of summer mixtape featuring tracks from Covenant, SMP, Roppongi Inc. Project, Dismantled and more.

  6. The+Essence+1

    Hello, Image: 5 Sound Alike Bands

    July 25, 2011  |  Random  |  Comments (4)

    Some bands just sound like other bands. A lot like other bands. Almost in a legally actionable way like other bands. Here’s a quick rundown of some highlights or lowlights: you be the judge.