You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge.

So, my comrade in arms is now in Germany, gettin’ ready to see a bunch of awesome bands, and some art galleries and stuff. My own trip (which is likely be significantly less musical, although if anyone knows of any Chinese industrial bands based in Beijing, let me know) is just on the horizon, but I figured I’d take this opportunity to curate one of our So Fragile mixtapes for your enjoyment. Just me and intern Tobey, chilling in my swanky downtown bachelor pad, drinkin’ beers and listening to some songs I like, then muscling them into Ableton to make a nice continuous mix for you. This one’s got some newish stuff and some songs i’ve been rocking for a minute now, and reflects a lot of what I’m playing in my earlier sets at the mighty Sanctuary lately. You can stream or download at the bottom of the post.

As always, the music in this half-hour mix is either paid for or available as a free download with the artists’ permission. ID:UD spends a lot of money on records between the two of us, and while we understand that not everyone has the cash or inclination to do what we do, we believe firmly that sending a few bucks the way of someone who made a song you like is a good way to show your appreciation.

Absolute Body Control – Talking To The Men (Amictric Mix)
Wouldn’t be I Die: You Die without some reference to Absolute Body Control. Pretty psyched that their excellent 2010 album Shattered Illusion is seeing a domestic re-release on Metropolis in October. This remix by Amictric is nice and buzzin’.

Covenant – Lightbringer (Daniel Myer remix)
Maybe it’s just because the new Haujobb is coming out soon, but I’m on a crazy Daniel Myer kick lately. Y’all probably heard the single version of this a couple times in your local club, this mix subs in Daniel’s vocals for the ones from Necro Facility’s Henrik Bäckström on the verse, which is how it was performed when we saw Covenant at Kinetik this year.

SMP – The Knife (64k mix)
This one comes from Sideline’s massive free to download compilation which I wrote about a ways back. Jason from SMP has been at it a long time, and aside from holding down the fort for the faithful in Seattle and drumming for FLA, he’s doing some awesome remix and production work under the moniker Death Proof with our boy Loud Chris from Stiff Valentine.

R.I.P. (Roppongi Inc. Project) – Temporary Evacuation 27.04.86 (Kant Kino Alternate Remix)
If all goes as planned between when I’m writing this and when you’re reading it, a review of the excellent EP this remix appears on went up yesterday. You should go read it and then download it from iTunes.

Dismantled – Disease (VF mix)
I saw Dismantled play a few months ago, which was only okay as live experiences go. This remix from the recent free-to-download Cry For Death- Vol 1 compilation from Vampire Freaks, on the other hand, is hot. It’s a lot more understated than I would expect from them, tasteful even (leaving aside the Reznor-esque over-enunciation of the word “fucking”).

[De:ad:cibel] – Too Tired to Consume
I heard this on the Electronic Body Matrix comp last year, and was just reminded of how much I dig it when it randomly came up on iTunes the other day. I guess there’s a digital EP for the song, which I’ll be downloading. Kind of an acid EBM thing, like the Pain Machinery stuff we’re big on right now.

Spetsnaz – Mangod
I will reward myself with ice cream if I can make it through writing about Spetsnaz without mentioning Nitzer Ebb. Wait, does that sentence count? Aw damn. Anyways, this comes from their 2007 album Deadpan, but is still getting some burn from me. It’s got a great bounce to it.

So Fragile #3: While the Cat’s Away