Those who’ve been keeping score with us at ID:UD will find the thread of this mixtape to be no surprise: Swedish EBM. We’ve been going on a bit of a bender for the past year or so, chasing down side projects and the like from some existing favourites as well as sourcing out new-to-us bands from Sverige, and as a result this mixtape ended up running a little longer than most, even after trimming a few bands, but like we said: we’re hooked. The fact that there’s something in the water over there which makes Swedes excel at whatever musical genre they lend their hand to – be it AOR pop, black metal, or EBM – has become something of a cliche amongst us and some close friends. This tape is dedicated to our friends in Sweden, as well as the members of the Vancouver Borkaboo Vegan Pizza Society (especially Richard). Stream or download from the Soundcloud, let’s go!

The Pain Machinery, “Running Red”
A peppy number from a fixture here at ID:UD HQ, this version is less clubbed up than the single mix that preceded the release of Restart, but perfectly captures that albums retro-eighties body vibe.

Spetsnaz, “Mangod”
Okay, so we used this track from the reigning Nitzer-Ape champs in a previous tape a year ago, but it’s just that good.

Severe Illusion, “Barbarian”
One of the more straight ahead numbers from these fellows, but replete with the dark grind that informs all their work. Give a monkey a gun (as the album cover art from Shortcut to Civilization suggests) and apparently you get some creepy-ass EBM.

Run Level Zero, “Hand To Mouth”
Our pals in RLZ have a real affinity for Vancouver-steez electro-industrial, specifically that trailblazed by FLA, but there’s a solid EBM rhythm at the core of this track from their excellent Arctic Noise LP.

EkoBrottsMyndigheten, “Bockwurst”
If there is one band who could be said to be at the heart of our ongoing obsession with all things stompy and Swedish, it’d be these oi-influenced, Jager-sotted guys…whose name we only just realised abbreviates to EBM. Sorry, Martin: we’re a bit slow on the uptake.

“SPARK!, “Doden Och Jag”
SPARK!’s Hela Din Varld keeps getting spun at the HQ, namely for its intoxicating blend of no-bullshit EBM basslines (in which the band traded pretty much exclusively up until this point) and more lush synthpop production. A legit contender for best-of-year lists, believe it.

Batch ID, “Dansanarki”
We kinda liked this record for it’s no frills take on body music, singing in their native Swedish sure doesn’t hurt when it comes to picking out what albums are getting thrown on at the borkaboo pizza party.

Restricted Area, “Slacker (Dronar Mix)”
One of the most exciting of the Swedish bands on Italy’s EKProdukt label, Restricted Area do the new old school thing AND the synth-pop thing with equal aplomb. Love this body’d up rejig of the song from their fab Core Excess/Underdog 2-cd.

Kommando XY, “Genesis Does (What Nintendon’t)”
People say the console wars are over. Nothing is over! Nothing! You just don’t turn it off! It wasn’t our war! You asked us, we didn’t ask you! Rambo histrionics aside, the ID:UD senior staff remains divided on the eternal Nintendo/Sega question, but we can both dig this tune.

Autodafeh, “Camp Intel”
One of the least 242-like songs from these fellows, who are noted for their devotion to Belgium’s finest. Maybe even a little And One on this one also?

Agrezzior, “Statue of Liberty”
Couldn’t have possibly done this tape without including something from the Old School Electrology compilation, the real state of the new old school art. Go throw Nader a few bucks while enjoying this number from the singer of Autodafeh’s other project.

Pouppée Fabrikk, “Symptom (Disease Mix)”
The deans of Swedish EBM groups, PF have kind of a “are they active or inactive” thing going on currently. Whatevs, ain’t nothin’ wrong with this here number from that massive and surprisingly good Electronic Body Matrix comp from Alfa Matrix. Skål!