We’re hoping most regular readers have by now had a chance to check out our interview with Rhys Fulber on last week’s podcast. Anyone who’s done a fair number of them will tell you that some interviews are easier than others, but they don’t come much easier than that one – Rhys is a fabulous raconteur who’s able to communicate both his own individual experience and larger thoughts about the shape and development of music over the decades in a no-bullshit, down to earth manner. Who’s up next in the ID:UD rolodex? To be honest, we’ve no clue – we’ve been too busy sourcing material for this week’s Tracks post!

LOUISAHHH got three H’s

Louisahhh, “Numb, Undone”
Paint peeling off the walls stuff from industrial techno producer Louisahhh, on some classic power noise styles. While we’re unsure if the track “Numb, Undone” is a deliberate reference to the Ant-Zen and Hands productions of yore, we’re just amped to hear this kind of punky, confrontational clatter coming from an up and coming producer. We have a feeling this record (The Practice of Freedom, due March 12th on HE.SHE.THEY. Records) is gonna be a big deal; it has certainly crashed onto our most anticipated releases list with a clang and a clatter.

Menthüll, “Corian”
Hull, Québec duo Menthüll have been dropping a sequence of single tracks over the past year which show a canny allegiance to original French coldwave, with some modern atmospheric synthpop touches which perhaps bring Marsheaux to mind. There’s a really sharp sense for pop arrangements on display in this tune, with equal parts dancefloor appeal and ethereal darkwave indulgence. Tip of the hat to our pal BP Hughes of Darkware for this one.

KANGA, “Godless”
God are we amped for the follow-up sophomore record from KANGA. We loved her self-titled debut back in 2016, we’re intrigued by the shifts in delivery and execution on her Eternal Daughter EP and now we’re listening to pre-release single “Godless” and thinking about what the rest of the album might hold in store. One thing is for sure: KANGA has always had solid pop chops, and we can hear her working them, along with her unique production sensibility on the track. Be sure to check in close to the date of release, we’ll be paying close attention to You And I Will Never Die when it drops.

Mother Juno, “Trust”
The new tape from Florida act Mother Juno (who’s had releases on Detriti and Popnihil) is an anxious bundle of nervous, spastic body music. Arriving via the newly instantiated and somewhat cryptic Private Experiment label, Inert is full of wormy funk and over-caffeinated paranoia, as shown on “Trust”. RIYL Physical Wash or Portion Control. You’re probably right – the bugs are under your skin.

Tyske Ludder, “Garten Eden”
Seems like a million years ago we got to see German industrialists Tyske Ludder play Festival Kinetik in Montreal (it was 2010), but we’ve kept tabs on the long-running act over the years. Gotta say that while we’re unsure how representative “Garten Eden” is of the rest of the material on their forthcoming release Ungewiss we’re feeling the stoic, emotional but low-key vibe of this track. Takes a hell of an act to do this sort of emotive ballad structure with the harsh vocals and make it work, but TL have never been anything if they weren’t exceptional.

Devours, “Two Kids”
Lastly, the welcome return of Vancouver’s own Devours after a brief hiatus for readjustment comes in the form of a digital double-A side. Both live and on record, Jeff Cancade’s shown a preternatural sense for downtempo, melancholy synthpop amidst the technicolor cut-up of his more upbeat material. Giving the spotlight to the former side of his work via this paean to teenage love serves as a wonderful reintroduction or a good jumping on point for newcomers.