Well, we’re just a few days away from our happiest time of the year: the pilgrimage out to Calgary for Terminus Festival. We’ve already talked ad nauseum here and on the podcast about what makes Terminus so special, and we’ll likely have a post-fest breakdown in the weeks to come. But until then, if you’re gonna be in town for the fest, come up and say hi! First round of the specially branded Terminus brews are on us. And, as luck would have it we’ve got new material from two of this year’s acts, so lend an ear. Industrial Summer Camp Forever!

Android Lust

Android Lust. Photo by Christopher Jon.

Android Lust, “Daughters of Dawn”
Android Lust has never not been legit. From her earliest material on Tin Man, her period on Projekt and her currently self-released stuff on Synthellec, Shikhee has always walked the walk as an artist of vision and integrity. With only one song to go off of, it’s unclear what the recently announced Berlin//Crater V2, the follow up to 2013’s Crater, will sound like, but we’re definitely feeling the analogue synths and percussion in this deceptively simple new track. Good to have you back.

Actors, “L’appel du Vide”
See, a tune like this gets across exactly why local powerhouse Actors work so well. They’ve got one foot in classic, chiming post-punk a la Sad Lovers And Giants or The Sound, and another in an enveloping, warm, and ultimately modern production sense. This is a nice next step for the band after they recently collated their extant work, and we’re looking forward to seeing them win newcomers over at Terminus later this week.

Hex Wolves & Fractured Transmission, “Scripture Codex”
More freshness from Terminus acts! Nick Viola, whose last LP as Fractured Transmission was warmly received around here, teams up with Hex Wolves (one half of D/SIR) for a thumping EP of nice and grimy stuff. Ferreting out the difference between powernoise and techno at this stage of things seems like wading into the debate about the dress in that it’s likely a matter of personal experience and origin, so just sit back and let these tunes give you a solid bruising.

Boy Harsher, “Motion”
Y’all need to pay attention when we tell you this: if you haven’t gotten on board with body-influenced funky darkwavers Boy Harsher, you need to do that nowish. The project just announced a new EP Country Girl due in October from Ascetic House, and have been added to the Chicago Cold Waves stage. We were very into the last LP, and have no reason to believe that the new material will be any less chill and danceable. Check new track “Motion” and the attendant video below, and get your head right.

FIRES, “Counting Walls”
You may recall we pointed to some new fuego from the appropriately named FIRES a few weeks ago in Tracks, and as luck would have it the Metropolis Records Bandcamp has another new one for us to share. Having had the pleasure of hearing a lot of the new LP well in advance of its release in September, we think “Counting Walls” might be a perfect taster; it helps define the melodic and pop appeal of the album while speaking to the high level of production and emotional vocal work by Eric Sochocki. We’re gonna have a lot more FIRES coverage coming up, but for the moment enjoy this very catchy number, and know that there’s more to come.

Poison Point, “Imaginary Veil”
Some right proper and frenetically driving coldwave from the genre’s spiritual home in France. Two-piece Poison Point seem to have only been around for a year or two but are gigging with the likes of Drab Majesty and Die Selektion. The A-side on their new single shows why: panicked, furious, and good.