As we were saying on the podcast last week, we’ve made some exciting new additions to the ID:UD nexus. Our Patreon‘s been launched and has been a great success thus far: thank you so much to everyone who’s kicked in! We’re really looking forward to the new opportunities your support will give the site, and we’re keen to get started on the various rewards and perks folks have signed up for. Also, our Slack channel’s off and popping! If you want to join in the fun and kill time at work by chatting with an ever-increasing variety of industrial heads and musicians about any and all topics, fire an e-mail to and we’ll send you an invite. On with this week’s Tracks!

Zanias, following that body

Actors, “Bury Me”
Vancouver’s Actors lean hard into synthwave on their new track. Oh sure, the bass-led postpunk vibes that have marked Jason Corbett’s other songs are here in full, but listen to that wavering synth and the cymbal-funk in the drum programming. Pure night driving styles from another Vancouver band on the come up. Check out the single on Bandcamp, why don’t you: the moody b-side “Crosses” is pretty nifty as well.

Odonis Odonis, “Needs”
Hey, the Slack channel’s already paying off! In the new music thread, longtime friend of the site Jairus Khan hipped us to Post Plague, the new LP from Toronto’s Odonis Odonis. While they started out mining a surf/noise rock vein, their new stuff integrates a whole mess more of sequencing and drum programming, often to an exceptionally grimy effect, and the general meanness of their sound should appeal. Well worth digging into.

Pure Ground, “Flood”
Strong Klinik waves crashing ashore on this one from the hotly anticipated new Pure Ground album. PG have that minimal, dark as a rainy midnight on Broadway sound all locked up right now, able to summon deep wells of liquid atmosphere that pool up around their song’s rigid, rhythmic foundations. Chondritic Sound has the BC version of the record up for pre-order, with next week as the release date. Definitely one we’re expecting to spend some time with.

Flash Zero, “Language Eyes”
Poland’s Mecanica label does reissues right: we can speak from experience after copping their excellent edition of Lassigue Bendthaus’ stone classic, Matter. While we can’t say that the second album by Spain’s Flesh Zero was as familiar to us as that record, we’re digging the fluid, hypnotic take on classic European EBM shown on Conspiracy, which Mecanica are offering up in tasteful vinyl and CD packages. Should appeal if a midpoint between Scapa Flow and The Psychic Force piques your interest.

Zanias, “Follow the Body”
Tip of the hat to The Brvtalist (who you should be following, f’real) for tipping us off to this new one from Zoe Zanias of Linea Aspera and Keluar fame. Co-written and produced by Alex Akers from FORCES, this is very much in Zanias’ wheelhouse as a vocalist, coming across as a fluid, dynamic presence on the microphone, set against crisply programmed drums and synths. Very good stuff, with a fancy video to boot. EP drops on vinyl on September 9th, end of that month digitally.

Phil Western, “When I Came Back”
Finally, a taste of the first new material from Vancouver’s own Phil Western after what amounts to a lengthy absence by his standards. A quick pass through new album Loved And Loathed finds Phil playing with downtempo and drone at points, but it’s his own psyched-out, melodic but melancholic spin on techno which holds sway on this cut and the majority of the record.