What a week it was. We caught the fantastic Body Of Light/High-Functioning Flesh tour coming through town and released our one hundredth podcast with Jerome Reuter of Rome, but of course we’re still reeling from the news of Prince’s death. We won’t bend over backwards to connect the dots between Prince’s innumerable musical discoveries, breakthroughs, and fusions and the sort of music we write about here at ID:UD (though this quick comment from cEvin Key is instructive). Suffice it to say his records are still on repeat round the HQ; Bruce is remembering just how strange the sampled and compressed pop of Parade was while Alex has been reliving Grade 8 by listening to a non-stop loop of “My Name is Prince”. Let’s keep on getting though this thing called life, albeit a little less funkily.

Some nice German fellas.

Schwefelgelb, “Bis Zum Nächsten Tag”
So the new Schwefelgelb EP Wie die Finger durch den Nebel just hit courtesy of Fleisch Records, and it’s hitting the proverbial spot. We actually often forget that the German duo have been around for the better part of a decade now, and that they have so many actual releases. In spite of their following amongst heads in the know, they’re still not as widely known as they should be over in North America. This one might change that, especially given the tight EBM styles Sid and Eddy are rockin’ these days. Strong stuff.

Term Fix, “Furnace”
Promising EBM from one-man Australian outfit which used to be doing droney sounscape fare as Realm Of Thos. This is far more beat-driven stuff with some funkier elements tossed in here and there. No less than five singles and EPs have been put out since last September, each a little more developed than the last, so we could be on the cusp of a solid LP this year.

Mildreda, “Erazor”
Here’s something fun: apparently prior to founding Diskonnekted Jan Dewulf had a 90s dark electro act called Mildreda. Having decided to reactivate the project for some new music in the style, Dewulf has also compiled the tracks from his tape releases and appended them to a brand new album. Stylewise we’re actually hearing a bit of Will’s symphonic influence in the mix as well on both the old and new songs. An unexpected but pretty cool release via Alfa Matrix.

M‡яc▲ll▲, “Uhtcearu (LP Version)”
A new one from the forthcoming LP by one of ID:UD’s personal faves, mysterious post-witch-gone-giallo project M‡яc▲ll▲. We’ve written plenty about the fascinating way the NYC act has gradually shifted their aesthetic through a few different forms now, from the downtempo and hazy to sharp, soundtrack inspired electro and synthwave. We’re especially interested to hear what new destinations this LP might reach.

Keosz, “Be Left To Oneself”
After several years’ worth of breaks releases, Slovakian producer Erik Osvald’s been shifting his Keosz project into a more ambient direction guided by drones and field recordings. Yes, new LP Be Left To Oneself is being released by Cryo Chamber, but it’d be hard (and perhaps unfair) to slot the record squarely into the dark ambient category, as at least the lead track doesn’t seem to call for the prefix. Tip o’ the hat to dark ambient sage and ID:UD contributor Danica Swanson for this one.

John Foxx and the Maths featuring Gary Numan, “Talk (Are You Listening To Me?)”
We’ll admit to being a bit dismissive of the critical praise which was heaped upon the first few albums released by Ultravox exile and all around synth pioneer John Foxx with his new ensemble The Maths, as those LPs didn’t have the lush beauty Foxx had just wrought with Robin Guthrie. That said, when we heard that he was finally collaborating for the first time with Gary Numan, our eyes shot open. Foxx and Numan’s respective musical histories have circled around each other in countless ways, trading influence and commentary but never working together (the Walker and Bowie of their generation, perhaps) until now. The resulting track points to their shared roots but has a modern sense of disquiet. Let’s hope this isn’t the last time these two giants team up.