Won’t you join me in wishing Intern Tobey a happy birthday? Sure the kid is a lousy proof-reader, a lax fact checker and almost supernaturally ignorant of the history of music, but he works cheap and is a hit with our target demographic. We celebrated on Friday with star studded gala here at the HQ, and lo, the rest of the weekend was given over to the misery of a hangover induced by a reservoir of craft beer and that bottle of Henny I was saving for a nice occasion. I think I only just shook off the headache this morning, a convenient excuse not to partake in any St. Patricks day foolishness. I’m a go read some comics and maybe pour myself a few fingers of scotch to smooth down the edges; enjoy some new music while I do why don’t you!

DJing is more than looking good next to a deck, Tobey.

Container 90, “Copycat”
Container 90 like three things: EBM, boots, and beer. Coincidentally those three things are also found in the first video for their forthcoming album Working Class League, which takes a few well-aimed (if not particularly timely) shots at some scene institutions and their devotees. If you’re unfamiliar with C90 it might seem a bit strange, but in practice the working class ethos of classic Oi punk and the “WORK! TRUE WORK!” steez of old school body music don’t end up being all that dissimilar. Strength through EBM!

Neuroticfish, “Former Me”
I was totally jazzed at the announcement that Neuroticfish was coming out of retirement; of all the big futurepop acts they’re the ones who’ve gotten the most spins from me over the last couple years, specifically their last pre-hiatus album Gelb. This first taster is pretty promising, speedy, well-constructed and has a chorus you can hum after hearing it. I’ll be seeing them in Sheffield at ye olde Resistanz in like, two weeks: hopefully they’ll have some more new material for the crowd to check out.

Aesthetische, “Still Life (Kant Kino rework)”
Was I unfair to Aesthetische when I reviewed their massive 3-CD debut last year? Perhaps I was just overewhelmed trying to process all the material in a few sittings. At any rate, I do recall enjoying the original version of this song, and darn if our boys in Kant Kino don’t rework it into a leaner, meaner, muscular dark electro number. I don’t know what it is, but as I get older I find I enjoy songs at this tempo a lot more than I used to: something about a 4/4 beat at 110 bpm seems more danceable to me in my advanced age.

New coffee from M‡яc▲ll▲, all hot, bitter and black. News is that they and their unicode bros in arms V▲LH▲LL are prepping a new split to follow up their superb 2012 joint-release Għøsŧs of Λnŧįquįŧұ, an ID:UD favourite to be certain. I feel like a scratched record reiterating it at this point, but for god’s sake, if the only thing keeping you from checking out the amazing music these guys are doing is the triangles in their name, you’re doing yourself a ridiculous disservice.

The Pain Macinery, “Inferno”
New music from Sweden’s The Pain Machinery is always cause to celebrate, but in this case it’s also the debut track to surface from Complete Control Productions’ massive 2-disk Inside the Volcano compilation. We’ve been drooling over the track listing for said release since it first surfaced, and rest assured, with songs by TPM, Severe Illusion, //TENSE//, Agent Side Grinder, NTRSN, The Horrorist, Portion Control and more it’s been a guaranteed purchase for us since day one. Go have a listen to the previews on Soundcloud why don’t you?

USHERsan & HIV+, “Kind of Blow (remix by Sonic Area)”
I don’t know if you heard that USHERsan & HIV+ album, but good lord was it a tense, nerve wracking affair, never quite releasing you from its ever-tightening grip to the point of strangulation. Turns out their variation on coldwave (the European kind!) makes for a good foundation for Sonic Area, who may know a thing or two about claustrophobia and paranoia, albeit in through their own baroque windowframe. Crank up the speakers and let this coffin-breaker loose at high volume. You don’t really care what your neighbours think of you do you?