Oh, hello pals! A small percentage of you might know this already, but we’re quite sure the vast majority of our readers do not know what an amazing time it is to be into pro wrestling right now. Sure, Summerslam was this weekend, and while we have lots of feelings about it (hint: booooo), there was also some amazing shows from NXT, Ring of Honor and more, all featuring amazing workers both men and women just giving their all out of love for the glory and wonder of the squared circle. We gotta give some love to longtime ID:UD favourite Bayley for her title win, and to her compatriots in the Four Horsewomen who are shaking up women’s wrestling for North American audiences regardless of WWE’s incompetent booking and infinite capacity for fucking things up. Shouts out B, we love you. For more information on how rad wrestling is you’ll have to go elsewhere, since what we cover here is music. And hey check it out, there’s some new stuff right below!

Good lookin' out B.

iVardensphere, “Blight”
The first of a new suite of experimental releases from tribal industrial mastermind Scott Fox has just been issued, and shows a dimension of iVardensphere which could scarcely be further away from the sweeping revelry of this year’s excellent Fable. Deep rumbling bass and clanging percussion take center stage in loosely ambient and concrete structures, yet Fox’s inimical talents for pure sound design are on full display. An intriguing turn from someone who always has new tricks up his sleeve.

V▲LH▲LL, “Th3y Sp0k3 (F0r3sT Sp1r1T Ed1T)”
People are probably sick to death of listening to us talk about how good ghost vikings V▲LH▲LL were at Terminus this year, but we’re not planning on stopping any time soon. In their non-stop quest to blow the last preconceptions about triangles ‘n crosses music out the water, the duo have this new jam out on a nigh† †errors compilation that has hints of electro, synthwave and trap all woven into its sound. This is that next gen shit, we honestly can’t wait to hear some more of those new tracks we caught live in their recorded forms.

Die Krupps, “Battle Extreme”
If your complaint about the last Die Krupps LP was that it was more EBM than metal, the first track from forthcoming record V – Metal Machine Music should be a soothing balm. We’ve long had a theory that the reason Die Krupps are often overlooked as body music innovators is that they spent so much time as an industrial-metal band, the mode that the vast majority of people who are only loosely familiar with them most recognize. Whether or not this is an attempt to court some of that broader audience we don’t know, but we’ll be certain to send in a field report once the album crosses our virtual desks.

Black Egg, “Krieg”
Usher, formerly of Norma Loy and more recently of a cool collab with HIV+, has something new cooking in the form of Black Egg. It’s tough to get a firm sense of the project with only two tunes up for preview, but the act seems to be a good fit for the perennially atmospheric and noir sounds of Aufnahme Und Wiedergabe. This cut shows off a moody form of post-industrial which seems to have as much in common with darkwave as it does classic powernoise, while the other’s far more neofolky, so who’s to say what the full picture will look like?

Drew McDowall, “Hypnotic Congress”
Hot on the heels of the announcement that “>Coil’s Backwards will be getting a definitive release via the good folks at Cold Spring comes the similarly exciting news that longtime collaborator Drew McDowall will be releasing his first solo album under his own name. As the name implies this is some dark, unsettling stuff that manages to seem ephemeral while still maintaining a slow, loping loop based structure. Collapse will arrive in September on Dais, a label who currently have the industrial game locked up like your folks’ liquor cabinet.

Kat Dick Ugly, “The Job You Couldn’t Quit”
Finally, here’s quite possibly the goofiest thing friend of the site Matt Fanale’s done with Caustic to date. He’s had a bunch of friends concoct tracks meant to conjure up the sounds and moods they associate with Caustic, with the proceeds going to benefit The Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Thomas Kinkade’s got nothing on our boy. Anyway, here’s a track about office drudgery by Kat Dick Ugly, a project of god knows who likely concocted specifically for this project.