Okay, we’re well aware that our wrestling talk is one people’s least favourite things about this site (and its attendant podcast, go subscribe why don’t you) but can we get a dispensation for the marvel that was New Japan’s G1 Climax Tournament this year? 12 nights, 120 matches and an ungodly level of talent on display from pretty much everyone involved. And the emotions! By the time Kazuchika Okada laid our dude Shinsuke Nakamura out in the final with a third devastating Rainmaker clothesline, we felt like we’d been in the ring ourselves. Amazing stuff, and well worth checking out if you have the stomach for a 37 hour long wrestling extravaganza with commentary in a language most of you don’t speak and a lot of really vicious-looking kicks to the head and face. Okay, on to why you came, here’s this week’s new tracks!

Kazuchika Okada (not pictured: massive sword, animatronic dinosaur, money falling from the sky, too awesome dropkick)

Youth Code, “Consuming Guilt”
You know, it’s far too easy for fools to get caught up in debating other people’s opinions about Youth Code instead of actually paying attention to Sara Taylor and Ryan William George’s musical output. While we suppose it’s inevitable that everyone in our insular little world will feel obligated to have an opinion about a band with their level of exposure, let’s not forget that the LA-based duo have always backed their shit up with aggessive true school jams, like this new one “Consuming Guilt”. Originally pressed to a long sold-out 7″ on Japan’s Big Love records (backed with an FLA remix/cosign), word is this will also be appearing on a new EP from Dais in September that you can order right now. Best be quick about it though, the pre-order is already sold out of one colour vinyl option.

Cryogen Second, “Rust and Remain (Alter Der Ruine remix)”
Long time since we’ve heard anything from Nashville’s industrial rockers Cryogen Second, but their new EP Rust and Remain has finally arrived in a flurry of glitches and EDM-inflected production. To sweeten the deal the release features a solid set of remixes from Gheists, Ego Likeness and this bouncy synthpop take from local favourites Alter Der Ruine amongst others. The whole package can be had on Bandcamp, with more to follow if the hints we’ve been getting from project mastermind Eric Sochocki are to be believed.

Crossover, “Death Of Us All”
That new freshness from the good folks at Crossover who have generally done a good job of confounding our expectations for them. Best as we can tell the outfit are working some kinda modern darkwave steelo on their new tracks, with nods to body music and a lil’ post-punk to boot. Check out the lo-res-hi-def styles on this new clip for “Death Of Us All” and see if you can chart where these cats are going. We’ll happily admit to having no idea, but we’re sure as fuck enjoying the ride.

Da Octopusss, “Evilminded”
Who even knows how Robo-France’s Da Octopusss busted through the fence into Our Thing, but judging from the response their EDM-hybrid sound is getting, there’s a lot of folks happy to see them here. Of course the interplay between more popular forms of electronic music and things in our end of the pool has existed for ages and is a lot more profound than a lot of folks are willing to admit, but it’s hard to focus on that when you have a mutant octopus menacing you in a spacesuit, natch. 9 whole tracks of tentacle-shaking, bass-bin breaking filth can be had on the The Rise EP as we speak, for the low low price of whatever you feel like donating.

Damian David, “1054 (∆AIMON remix)”
Finally, we’ve got a nice reframe of electronic minimalist Damian David as perpetrated by ∆AIMON. The original’s quiet intensity is blown out to massive proportions, all magisterial and spooky like a haunted castle inhabited by the spirit of synthesizers long since dead. Crank your AC up when you blast this and get a taste of the oncoming fall, all rotting leaves and the scent of rain.