Happy Louis Riel Day friends, thanks for taking the time on this, the most sacred of all Canadian Holidays (TAKE A HIKE VICTORIA DAY). We’ve got a wicked good batch of new songs all queued up and ready to go for your LRD playlist, so crank your system up good, pour yourself a traditional Canadian beverage of some description and let the holiday cheer roll our of your speakers and into your heart.

Man, you WISH you led two rebellions against the hated Anglais.

Ritual Aesthetic, “Something to Know You By (Iszoloscope remix)”
We’ve been patiently waiting for new solo material from Yann Faussurier for a minute now. While the dude behind the crushing nihilism of Iszoloscope has been keeping busy working with iVardensphere and Voster amongst other projects, there’s been nary a peep from his main creative outlet since the release of 2010’s amazing The Edge of Certainty and Beyond Within. A little bird (okay fine, it was Scott Fox on a recent episode of our podcast) told us Yann is working on some new stuff, and while news is scarce, we do get to whet our whistle with this banging remix of industrial metal act Ritual Aesthetic’s “Something to Know You By”, an unlikely but quite pleasing combination of sounds to be certain. Head over to Bandcamp and snag it while you wait for the yawning chasm of an uncaring universe to swallow you and everything you have ever known or loved.

Mr.Kitty, “Hurt”
Did you hear the good news? Mr.Kitty has been booked for Terminus Festival in June! Hooray! We’re glad MK will have the opportunity to ply his specific brand of gothicky synthwave for a primarily industrial crowd: if our tastes are any indicator it shouldn’t be a hard sell. Add to that the soon to be re-released LIFE (from which this new track is drawn) courtesy of our pals over at Juggernaut Music Group and this year might be even bigger and better that 2013 for our hero.

DSX, “Shifted feat. Zoé Zanias (D/SIR remix)
Dejan Samardzic’s DSX project feels like it’s right on the cusp of the wider recognition it so richly deserves. A halting, mechanical form of body music that relies on space in the mix (or the lack thereof) to create atmosphere. Peep this remix of the soon to be released single “Shifted” by LA’s dark bass merchants D/SIR which will be included with the purchase of the single from Bandcamp, and will be accompanied by other mixes by ∆AIMON, Antoni Maiovvi, V▲LH▲LL, TSTI and M‡яc▲ll▲. And for you tapeheads, there’s gonna be a cassingle, in a limited run of 99 copies.

Blac Kolor, “Banging (Architect Buddebai Remix)”
Speaking of releases on Basic Unit Productions, check this Blac Kolor remix from the forthcoming album Wide Noise. Readers of the site likely know all about Architect, but even we massive fanboys were surprised by this distinctly breaks-driven take on the bleak techno-body original. BK has been on a roll of late and we have no reason to believe their new record will buck that trend, a perusal of the pre-release samples seems to indicate that the mechanisms of joy are in full effect.

Stiff Valentine, “F451 (Bronx mix by Deathproof)”
Finally, a little something from the forthcoming remix album Empire of Death from Vancouver machine rock combo Stiff Valentine. “F451″‘s machine chug gets an upgrade courtesy of Deathproof, the production duo made up of SV’s Loud Chris and SMP’s Jason Bazinet. The depth of sound those two get when they come together is pretty remarkable, as evidenced by their diverse and growing body of remix work for artists like Angelspit, Mesh, Aesthetic Perfection and Unit 187.