Are you one of the folks who missed out on our DEATH TO FALSE EBM shirts? Are you worried that you don’t have a garment that properly demonstrates your distaste for less than genuine electronic body music? Do you want to be sure everyone knows how TRU SCHOOL you are but can’t figure out how? Well the good news, pard’ner, is that Teespring is going to a second printing of our official t-shirt, and y’all can head over to order one right now through July 20th. Be the envy of your friends, and a nemesis to fake motherfuckers the world over in a garment fit for Jean Luc himself. In the meantime, here’s some Tracks for you to check out!

SΛRIN or Danger: Diabolik!? You decide! Photo by SINS

SΛRIN, “Total War (SΛRIN Remix)”
First taster for the forthcoming album of techno-industrial from Toronto’s SΛRIN. Definite EBM flavour both in the programming and in the visual accompaniment for the track (done in house by the project), the automated drone warfare illustrated in the video is hearkening back to themes explored by 242 long before they were a terrifying reality. Good stuff from one of Canada’s most mysterious underground musical outfits.

2methyl, “Highway”
New Ad Noiseam signing 2methyl has just released his first full length after a couple of EPs and remix spots here and there. Some breakcore elements are carried forward into a pretty high-gloss dancefloor mode, with some classic jungle cropping up from time to time alongside more current bass sounds.

DPRM, “God’s Unwanted Children”
Something from off-the-grid industrialist Bret Crane’s DPRM project, who have just released an new digital LP The Purifier. Undoubtedly one of the coolest things about the current digital music model is that it gets the work of an artist like Crane to our ears, where years ago the free-wheeling nature of the a project like DPRM (whose remit is to experiment with genre, but that it “must be alive and inspire others to become alive”) might have held it back from wider release. Good lo-fi industrial action that may appeal to fans of Black Sheep Screaming and Zex Model.

Alpturer, “Sentient”
A few weeks back on the podcast we were scrambling to remember the name of the label from back in the day that had “that Transformers logo”. It was, of course, Component Records, and as luck would have it the brand’s been reactivated, with digital rereleases of all manner of classics by Xyn, Codec, and the like. New stuff’s on the docket, too, like this brightly shaded mix of ambient and IDM from Alpturer’s new Circumplanetary LP.

Klomb, “Decadence”
Ottawa Industrial League member and occasional Encephalon collaborator Juan O has caught our ear with his Nova Spire project a few times. He’s on a very different tip than that acid and EBM flecked sound with his new project Klomb. With a duskier and more psychedelic sound, Klomb still puts fat synths right in the middle, but they’re far more open to influence and misdirection.

Satori in Bed feat. Daniel X Belasco, “Athenian Misdirection”
Finally, a little taste of synthwave from Montreal’s Satori in Bed, featuring our friend DXB on the vocal tip. As is true with Belasco’s work as Glass Apple Bonzai, this cut goes far deeper than imitation of 80s synthpop tropes, digging in on serious sound design and songwriting to evoke the real energy and feel of the me decade, rendered in HD for the present day. Always room for some of this in our listening diet, especially on these sunny summer nights where you can practically see the palm trees and hear the Testarossa rev its engine off in the distance.