Hey gang! We’ve bumped this week’s track post back a day for the sake of our exclusive stream of the new Volt 9000, but beyond that it’s all smooth sailing on the good ship ID:UD. The senior staff had a pretty rad road trip over the weekend, heading down to Seattle to catch Octavius and Douglas McCarthy. In addition to catching some fun performances, we were ecstatic that the gig was happening at the Highline a mecca of vegan pub food, Street Fighter II machines, and a fantastic beer list (I was quaffing my beloved Duchesse de Bourgogne). If only our own city wasn’t hell-bent on shutting down concert spaces, maybe a few spots up here could grow into something half as awesome. Enough hobby-horsing, let’s get to the new tunes.

Displacer, “Black Lotus”
Not sure how word of a new Displacer EP managed to slip past me for a full two weeks. Has the Vancouver weather been too clement? Have I been micromanaging my fantasy baseball team or spending too much time with I Beer: You Beer? (NB: If you’re going to be futzing about with Tumblr, I have to give the nod to Alex’s excellent Industrial GIFs as the more salient and rewarding of our side-projects) Regardless, I’m here now and as always am keen to hear what Michael Morton’s up to. There’s a deceptively simple jungle beat here, all set about with the hothouse of pads, gurgles, and general ambiance we’ve come to expect and love from the Displacer name.

Soft Riot, “Your Own Private Underworld”
More vintage synth fun from Jack Duckworth arrives on a digital single. Between Soft Riot, Mild Peril, and a few other current acts, there’s an intriguing connection between minimal wave and space rock being charted in London these days.

Blac Kolor, “Frequency Hell”
After debuting on the boys from Haujobb’s Basic Unit Productions Frost comp, Leipzig producer Blac Kolor is prepping his first EP. Sounds as though we’re in for more super dark and deep techno bordering on industrial (with a few months distance Frost‘s entire aesthetic does feel like a fresh new hybrid), which is aces by me.

Double Echo, “Phantomime”
I enjoyed this Liverpudlian duo’s debut EP and am happy to see that a full-length has just dropped. From some cursory listening, Phantomime seems a bit less dreamy and a lot more urgent than Black Morning suggested (as the title cut indicates), but still has loads of atmospheric gothy fun. Looking forward to checking this album out in more detail…

Cenotype, “Hit That Perfect Beat”
Last week we learned that, amidst all of the usual chaos and bonheur which Kinetik inspires, a Cenotype cover of Bronski Beat’s “Hit That Perfect Beat” was unleashed upon an unprepared audience, with a little help from Brian from The Gothsicles and Rexx Arkana of FGFC820. Thankfully video footage has emerged, forever enshrining this event in the annals of industrial cover tunes infamy, and just yesterday Cenotype made a studio version available for download. It appears that Rummelsnuff has competition in the industrial sea captain sweepstakes: lookin’ sharp, Cap’n Lenny.