Morning, gang! The ID:UD staff’s weekend got kicked off on an interesting note as we checked out The Golden Dawn, a “hyper-opera” rendition of the debut album by Vancouver’s own Myths. Not so much an opera in any traditional sense as a variety show for those who dig Greek mystery cults, Yeats, and Merzbow, it was an awesome presentation of their material. Not sure if it’ll be reprised either locally or elsewhere again, but do check it out if the opportunity presents itself. On to Monday’s tracks!

Natural Assembly, “19.03.12”
This London duo trades in a murky style that bridges coldwave and synthpop. They’ve just released a new EP on AVANT! which is pretty solid stuff if you dig that sound.

Crimes At Midnight, “Flashbacks”
New York’s SoundWav label (Snarf of Cervello Elettronico’s new baby) have just unveiled their latest release: the debut single from this California act. Some nice, minimal electro to be had here with Nagel-style art to highlight the slightly retro feel. The single’s available as a free download for a limited time; grab it while it’s hot.

S U R V I V E, “Hourglass”
Speaking of retro synth stuff, I am really enjoying what I’ve heard so far of this new self-titled record from this Austin act just released by our pals at Mannnequin. Switches between pure ambient and nodding melodic bits like this, and does a top notch job of balancing classic influences with the modern slickness of Gatekeeper and their ilk. One to watch.

Black International, “You Can Trust Me”
A little bit out of our usual purview, these Edinburghers work in a super stripped-down, tight and punchy post-punk mode. Very notable Gang Of Four influence, but I’m also hearing a strong similarity to the criminally overlooked Blackouts, the Seattle outfit where Paul Barker and Bill Rieflin got their start. While Black International have been together a while, they’ve just released their first LP on Sprialchords, and it’s chock-full of feisty little bastards like this one. Well worth checking out.

Cosey Fanni Tutti, “Bioschismic”
I trawl around a lot of places on the net looking for new music, but tech culture and geek tastemaker blog Boing Boing isn’t usually on my list (despite spending an inordinate amount of time reading about Philip K Dick ephemera and surveillance culture there). However, given the Boing Boingers’ obsession with Throbbing Gristle (they landed what is likely one of the last video interviews with all four members), perhaps it’s not so surprising that a new composition from Cosey would crop up there. Built from audio samples taken from Boing Boing blogger Xeni Jardin’s ongoing cancer treatment, “Bioschismic” is an 18 minute rumination on the dilation of space and time engendered by chemotherapeutic drugs, and the prospect of time and life being extended through them. Heady stuff to be sure, but we’d expect no less from Cosey.
Cosey Fanni Tutti – Bioschismic by ICALondon