Hey gang! Not only is it a new music Monday, but it’s also a very special day for us here at ID:UD. This here Tracks marks the 200th published post here on I Die: You Die! Who woulda thunk not quite a year ago that a couple of mouthy, beer-swilling canuckleheads woulda been able to stick with this nonsense for this long, or that there would be people actually reading it? Shucks, even with my crippling tunnel vision and wildly unrealistic delusions of grandeur wouldn’t have laid cash money on us not getting distracted by a funny cat video or a book about baseball three months in. Of course I think the credit for that belongs to our readers, whose continued support via reading, sharing and commenting on our posts has kept us excited to keep doing this, and thinking of new and interesting ways to talk about the nebulous cluster of bands and scenes that constitute “Our Thing”. Whether you’ve been down since day one or just discovered us recently, we genuinely appreciate the time out of your day you afford us; as a couple of internet nerds with full-time jobs we understand the premium on mental bandwidth everyone deals with on the daily, and it’s flattering to know you think we’re worth a couple of minutes out of your busy week. Also, special shouts out are due to our brothers and sisters holding things down at Coma, Brutal Resonance, Re:Gen, Auxiliary and all the other webzines and blogs that have shown us love. We heart you guys. This is getting long-winded, so I’m just gonna jump to the new music.

200 posts! It’s I Die: You Die baby! Can’t stop! Won’t stop!

Grendel, “Out of My Mind”
The ID:UD staff have traditionally been divided on the topic of Grendel (I’ve been down since Inhumane Amusement, Bruce hasn’t ever much cared for them) but we’re both very interested to hear what VLRK has been up to since the very promising Chemicals & Circuitry EP in 2010. I quite like this number; it’s not light years beyond what the band did on Harsh Generation, albeit with marginally less harsh vocals and way slicker production. Also love the slidey lead sound on the chorus. Total banger.

Dead on TV, “Fuck You I’m Famous (Kind of a Big Remix by The Gothsicles)”
The Gothsicles bring their special brand of geeked-up EBM to this remix for labelmates Dead on TV. The original is a straight up punk jam, which proves to be a surprisingly nice match for that G’sicles bounce. Head over to Soundcloud, and snag it!

Vomito Negro, “Factory Child”
As you might expect, a band whose name translates to “black barf” makes some woozy, dark-ass music. We were fans of their 2010 comeback record Skull & Bones and enjoyed some of the slower, more atmospheric stuff on 2011’s Slave Nation, so you can be sure we’ll be checking for these EBM stalwarts’ new LP Fall of an Empire when it drops. This cut is a little dryer than the rest of their recent output, but I’m definitely feeling that huge bassline, and the percussion actually makes me think of Absolute Body Control a bit, which is always welcome.

Guilt Trip, “Eternal Return (Severe Illusion remix)”
We liked the Vancouver by way of Sweden sound on Guilt Trip’s recent LP Feed the Fire, from whence the original version of this cut came. Labelmates Severe Illusion (also faves of ours) strip this one down a bit more, trading in some of the Puppy sounds for a more minimal EBM take that is surprisingly laidback, but still has a very menacing sound about it. We love that CCP makes all their releases available via Bandcamp, head on over and give both the LP and the remix disk a listen why don’t you?