We were saddened this weekend to learn of the death of Paul Von Aphid, the producer behind numerous industrial projects, most notably Zex Model. We enjoyed his work, and like many of the people mourning his passing this weekend, we feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to discuss music and art with him over the last few years. A number of his peers have come forward to talk about what an ardent supporter of their music he was, and how inspiring his enthusiasm and passion were in working on their own projects. Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones during this difficult time.

Numerous Zex Model releases are still available on his Bandcamp. The best thing any of us can do to honour Paul’s memory is to continue to listen to and share them, so that his work might continue to find the audience it deserves.

Prosaite Paul.

Phase Fatale, “Your Love Will Not Save the World”
We normally associate Phase Fatale with the contemporary techno-body scene, but this rough and tough number feels more akin rhythmic noise than EBM. The washes of noise and high, keening lead give it an unnerving feel, moving the focus from the kick drum to the fabric of its construction. Pulled from the Cønjuntø Vacíø #4 compilation, it should pair suitably with some of the recent work by Blush Response and SΛRIN on your local dancefloor.

Null Device, “Maker”
Oh dag, new Null Device! From a quick pass at While You Were Otherwise Engaged the Madison outfit’s serving up another sculpted and atmospheric plate of synthpop with some oddball garnishes and ace production. Digging the swing on this tune in particular.

Marc Heal, “Adult Fiction (Rhys Fulber Mix)”
Not gonna lie, we’re excited to hear that Cubanate is going concern again, with Marc Heal is making some new music under his own name to boot. Debut album Hum is forthcoming from Armalyte Industries, with the single “Adult Fiction” to be released October 7th digitally and on 12″. The latter record will include remixes by Leaether Strip and Rhys Fulber, whose string-inflected take is embedded below. Thanks for coming back Marc, we missed you.

Forever Grey, “The Style Is Death”
A recent discovery at the HQ, Michigan’s Forever Grey have releases an astonishing slew of coldwave releases in the past year and a half. The first track from new LP Alabaster Chamber gets their ethos across: sparse, echoing, and utterly fatalistic. If you’ve ever found yourself thinking, “gee, I link these Din [A] Tod records, but they’re a tad chipper…” you should probably breathe against a mirror to confirm you’re not already dead, and then cop Alabaster Chamber.

Spit Mask, “Skin On Skin”
Hot on the heels of copping their tape, we’re bumping the new track from Houston raw EBM duo Spit Mask. There’s a nice combination of midi-esque sequences and an even patina of static which nestles the blasting vocals right into the fuzz on this one. Glad to see they’re keeping right at it.

Beborn Beton, “Who Watches the Watchmen (Daniel Myer remix)”
You know, we could probably do a weekly feature on fresh Daniel Myer remixes and never run out of material, or interest for that matter. You may recall that Beborn Beton released their first new music in more than a decade last year, a record that highlighted the group’s capacity for sticky synthpop goodness. This Myer remix of “Who Watches the Watchmen” from the new She Cried EP captures the original version’s slowburn, albeit ornamented with all the hallmarks of Myer’s exceptional remix work, a welcome treat for early fall indeed.