Gettin' blazed like Curren$y

People are always asking us about the size of our record collections (no, that’s not a euphemism) and the cost involved in building them. While it’s true that had we both gotten hooked on collecting something a tad less expensive (exotic cars or, say, coke) we’d likely be drinking Courvoisier instead of beer while working on the blog, there are plenty of ways to check out new music for free…legally! The hook for this mixtape is that all of the tunes are pulled from free digital compilations released by the labels in question. So, if you like what you hear, there’s plenty more where that came from at the click of button! Stream or download at the bottom of the post!

Dead When I Found Her, “New Age of Reason”
An exclusive cut from Artoffact’s label sampler, which you can download free from Amazon. We’re big fans of DWIFH, and are eager for more new material from the Portland one man act. The Puppy influence is pronounced as always, but there’s also a bit of Severed Heads in this one, a welcome touch to be sure.

vProjekt, “Gift”
Okay, we cheated a bit on this one, as the comp this number hails from, Redacted, is a “Pay what you want” Bandcamp offering from Deathwatch Asia. Yes, “What you want” includes free, but hey, we threw them a couple bucks for it and encourage you to do likewise (we like the remix of Surgyn’s “Aesthetics” that appears on it as well). vProkekt’s debut was a jam packed 2-CD affair, but apparently Eugene Nesci still has some gas in the tank, as this track attesta.

System Syn, “Chemical (Alter Der Ruine remix)”
Okay, so there was some nonsense on the free Vampire Freaks Cry for Death comp, including a Blood on the Dancefloor song. You ever want to feel old? Go look at the Youtube comments for any given song by those goofballs: you’ll suddenly be very concerned with kids today and the state of your lawn. Anyway, here’s a jam from Clint Carney’s project System Syn, as remixed by the recently departed (and sorely missed) Alter Der Ruine. We’d pour one out, but there’s only two left in the fridge at the time of this writing.

Le Diktat, “Crisis”
We don’t know a single thing about this project, we just happened to find it in our research for the tape on a free comp from Audiotrauma (who put out the overlooked Chrysalide record last year) apparently put together to protest the G8, and featuring some appropriately revolution minded acts like Ambassador 21. Liking the guitar samples and the vocal cut-ups on this number, totally nasty-groovy. An I Die: You Die tip of the ballcap to friend of the site Randall S for pointing us in its direction.

SMP, “Cryonica (Deathproof mix)”
The first of two songs from WTII’s recently released free label sampler, which is chock o’block full of hot new business, including a song from the forthcoming Stromkern record. Man we’re amped about that. Mad love to Seattle’s SMP for holding it down for the Pacific Northwest, especially when remixed by Deathproof, the production team made-up of Jason Bazinet and Van City man about town Loud Chris of Stiff Valentine. You can read about Deathproof in our interview with the latter fella.

Everything Goes Cold, “Bitch Stole My Time Machine (Cyanotic vs Ad·ver·sary Mix)”
EGC, Cyanotic and Ad·ver·sary? We love all those things! If you made a flavour of ice cream (or dairy-free sorbetto in Bruce’s case) out of them we’d buy it. This particular remix is from Bit Riot’s free 2009 compilation Gears Gone Wild: Spring Break which serves as a nice taste of Cyanotic’s remix chops. Props!

Klutae, “I Know its Sick but it’s So Much Fun (Psychopomps remix)”
The second one from the aforementioned WTII sampler. Our love for Claus goes deep like a Navy SEAL, and hey, who knew that the Psychopomps were still a thing? Between this and that Caustic remix Klutae did there’s a definite industrial rock thing going on with the new incarnation of the project, which we wouldn’t have guessed but are totally into, for reals.