Hey pals! Bit of a departure today, as the ID:UD senior staff has had some very last minute personal stuff come up (nothing life or death, don’t worry!), and consequently we aren’t able to complete the pieces we had planned for this week. Rather than leave the site empty ’til next Tuesday when we return from the Canadian long weekend, we thought we’d use this space to cross-post this great mix from our friends at Electro Aggression Records!

The EAR Mixtape Volume 1 features artists from the label along with a few allies, and was deftly assembled by friend of the site soillodge for your pleasure. If’n the thought of hearing a gang of dark electro and old school EBM lions assembling like Voltron appeals to you (and why the hell wouldn’t it?), you can can check out the stream from Soundcloud below, or download it direct from EAR’s bandcamp!

Side A:

Red + Test, “Casualties”
Object, “Mind Collision”
Jihad, “The Prophecy”
EkoBrottsMyndigheten, “INTE ok (IT Ed edit)”
Pyrroline, “Existence (Oberheim remix)”

Side B:

Astma, “Where Are You?”
Red + Test, “Reminders of a Refugee”
tEaR!doWn, “This Cold Room 2008”
Terminal State, “Microspace”
Brain Leisure, “Birth Machine”

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