Dude, it’s about to get hella busy around these parts. In the next couple of months we’re gonna see releases from a TON of bands that are pertinent to the scope of ID:UD’s coverage, a short and non-comprehensive list just off the top of my head includes Skinny Puppy, iVardensphere, Aesthetic Perfection, Haujobb, Auto-Auto, Kirlian Camera, Javelynn, The Break Up, Pop Will Eat Itself, VNV Nation and probably like 50 more I’m forgetting. We’re still playing catch up from our vacations, so most of the stuff we’re talking about this weak is just recently released, but soon tracks from the aforementioned are gonna start leaking (some already are), meaning that you can expect us to be putting up links to a lot of ’em right here under the banner of our “Tracks” posts, complete with pithy banter and insightful commentary. Aggregating links from Youtube and Soundcloud and calling it content is one of the cornerstones of our operation here at I Die: You Die, so sit back and relax. Let us do the work.

Collide, “Mind Games”
Collide have been doing this sort of thing for over a decade and a half at this point, and they do it well. I’d say the hallmark of all Collide songs is impeccable production and programming courtesy of Statik (who has apparently worked with like, Prince and Christina Aguilera and stuff, seriously, peep his discogs entry), and their new single from the forthcoming Counting to Zero is no exception. Video is pretty neat also, lots of visual references to Magritte, you know, the “This is Not a Pipe” guy.

The Present Moment, “The Start”
It’s out, it’s out! We’ve been psyched on TPM’s second album Loyal to a Fault for quite a while, in fact, I think Scott Milton is the artist we’ve marked out for hardest since we started ID:IUD waaaaaay back in June *ahem*. At any rate, the album (made in collaboration with Philipp Münch of Rorschach Garden and Synapscape, more on him in a minute) is out now, and getting great press if you need a second opinion.

Synapscape, “Revolving Horse”

Speaking of Philipp Münch, he and Tim Kniep were, in their guise as Synapscape, amongst the first wave of Ant Zen powernoise artists back in the mid-90s, and they’re still plugging away in 2011. I haven’t heard the new record Traits yet, but I’ve always liked their really expansive and full sounding take on rhythmic noise, and this song figures nicely into that tradition.

32crash, “Dawning Sun (the sound of 32c)”
For those keeping score at home, this is the Jean-Luc De Meyer project with the science fiction theme where he collaborates with the guys from Implant, not the one where he sings poems by Beaudelaire (although I like that one also). This one is courtesy of the good folks at Side-Line, who due to their associations with Alfa Matrix will always have the jump on anything the label puts out, but we won’t hold that against them, petty though we are. I’d like to think that subtitle of this song is a reference to Confetti’s “Sound of C”, because that track is straight classic. Where’s the New Beat revival at?
32CRASH – “Dawning sun (the sound of 32C)” (Free download) by Side-Line

Gary Numan, “The Fall”
Something We find frustrating here at ID:UD is that despite the fact that most music media have come around to the idea that Gary Numan is really an important figure in the development of electronic and new wave music, they aren’t even slightly interested in anything new he does. For example, it’s a lock that if Gary appears on stage or does a track with a contemporary alternative artist (as he has with Nine Inch Nails and Battles respectively) it’ll be news on say, Pitchfork. But they couldn’t care less about his new album, either to announce it, or review it. It’s a particularly irritating form of lip service, in that it gives the impression that the only reason those outlets really pay any attention at all is that Mr. Numan has quite deservedly been cosigned by artists they do care about. At any rate, I’m listening to Dead Son Rising as we speak, and enjoying it. You can expect that we’ll be talking about it some more in the near future.