Hey friends, January is basically over and we’re already in the thick of new 2024 releases. Its weird how some years sneak up on you in terms of bands you like putting out new stuff, by our count there’s about a half a dozen LPs pending (that we know of) by bands we’ve followed religiously on this site over the next 11 months, and probably a whole lot more that we haven’t caught wind of yet. Do you have something you’re particularly keen on coming down the Our Thing pipeline? Let us know in the comments!

Blacklist are back(list)

Urban Heat, “Sanitizer”
We’re bullish on Urban Heat for 2024, and new single for Artoffact should give you an idea why; “Sanitizer” highlights the Texas trio’s combination of club-ready darkwave instrumentation, front man Jonathan Horstmann’s tremendous vocal charisma and the band’s knack for easy to hum hooks. In short, even before you get to their live show (which we are very excited to take in again in the not too distant future) the band have all the ingredients to break out as a crossover act. You’ll be hearing this on playlists and in clubs pretty soon if not already.

Autumns, “Your Stream Numbers Don’t Mean Much”
Looks like we have another slab of killer hardware-driven body music to look forward to from Irish producer Autumns this coming weekend. Fluttering pings and electro-styled glitches don’t do anything to soften the absolutely locked in groove on this number. If you haven’t gotten on board with the likes of releases like I Didn’t Mean To Send It Twice and Still In The Thick Of It, there’s no time like the present to catch up with one of the best in the game today.

Chrome Corps, “Body Attestation”
Been a while since we’ve had a new track from Chrome Corps, but it’s very cool to see them return with a cut on Curses’ addendum to his excellent Next Wave Acid Punx DEUX compilation. “Body Attestation” has all the things we dig about the Seattle based project’s take on classic EBM; big fam basslines, some excellent funky rhythm programming, and distinctive punkish vocals that put a bit of a sneer on the package. Great cut, hopefully more will soon follow.

Bestial Mouths, “Slitskin (Orphx Remix)”
An act like Bestial Mouths is perfectly suited for a full-length remix release – Lynette Cerezo’s voice and the haunted demeanour which permeates everything about Bestial Mouths can’t be lost even in the most extreme reworkings. Witness Orphx taking their dense, powernoise-inflected style to “Slitskin” on the forthcoming Backbone comp (also featuring mixes by Curses, Lana Del Rabies, IV Horsemen, and a slew of other major names). Cerezo’s anxious fretting over the abject nature of embodiment weaves through the concrete jungle perfectly.

Blacklist, “The Witching Hour”
Some very snappy goth rock courtesy of the ever impressive aufnahme + wiedergabe. We have to admit we weren’t following Blacklist during their original run back in the early 2010s, and missed out on their Profound Lore released 2022 LP, but we did and do follow singer and guitarist Joshua Strahan’s work both solo and as a part of Azar Swan. And given how toe-tapping and fun this cut is, we’re probably gonna have to go back and rectify our oversight – we’re never gonna turn down new examples of a classically styled goth rock that actually nail the production and songwriting thereof.

Uncanny Valley, “Puppet (Wants Remix)”
The deathrock/synthpop nexus isn’t just limited to the likes of Riki or Nuovo Testamento. Attend to the distinctly Canadian synthpop flavour (it’s undefinable but once you learn to recognize it you’ll never miss it) brought by Wants to a tune from fellow Albertans’ Uncanny Valley’s Fevering Stare. Packed with citric brightness and bounce, it’s over far too soon.