Working my way through the stacks of records I nabbed at Kinetik is a big enough task without trying to keep up with other new releases. That said, there’s been such a flurry of cool activity on the radar for the past couple of weeks that it’s the sort of problem I enjoy having. We’ll be giving a big rundown of our personal highlights from this year’s installment of Industrial Summer Camp tomorrow, but in the meantime here’s half a dozen other cuts to get yr week rolling.

Restricted Area, “When It Comes”
A big part of Kinetik for us is meeting up with other heads in the field and getting recs for records which slipped past us, like Restricted Area’s 2CD Core Excess, which was pressed upon us by the guys at Storming The Base and our boy Richard. The first disc’s a very cool blend of classic EBM and modern synthpop (not unlike a recent record released by fellow Swedes Spark!), while the second is an EP’s worth of no-frills Nitzer-steez old-school. There’s a ridiculous amount of breadth between the mellow cut below and the aggro “Weapon“. Seriously, we’re gonna have to start working on some SwEBM t-shirts or something…

Whiteqube, “Reverse Psychology”
LA’s Whiteqube’s arrive super late to the rave but bring a magic bag of wobbles, claps, and, um, unicorn heads. I can’t help but think that there’s some sort of hidden message in this cut, but the last time I took a techno track at its word I ended up jumping the gun on mourning the Godfather of Soul by fifteen years.

Alessandro Parisi, “Winged-Adra Bloodline Army”
Some nice and spooky electro or “New Wave Of Italo Horror Disco” as it terms itself from boutique label Black Moss. Should appeal to those who dig Bottin or Gatekeeper.

Dyskhord, “The Harmony”
Left-field, screwball type stuff by way of CRL Studios from the cheery climes of Fairbanks, Alaska. The debut LP of the same title from this lucidstatic affiliated act seems to have no time or care for the dancefloor, instead focusing on bubbly loops and builds to nowhere which keep the listener guessing. Calls to mind recent stuff by Mangadrive and Volt 9000 as well as some classic Mentallo tracks.

Known Rebel, “Neigh (Displacer Remix)”
This Spanish duo had their 2011 debut rereleased to a broader audience on Tympanik at the tail end of last year, and are now availing themselves of the murderer’s row of remixers that comes with being a part of that label. There’s a free 6-track EP of downtempo and glitchy fun to be had over at Bandcamp, including this bit of lush gorgeosity reworked by Displacer. Seriously, kids, if you aren’t taking the Michael Morton name as a guarantee of quality at this point, there’s something off about you.

Ronobe, “Deep Freeze (∆AIMON Remix)”
Another free EP, this one featuring a remix from ∆AIMON (who, if you were following Twitter during Kinetik, may have been the most talked about band to not actually be there). An experimental electro-pop duo from the Philippines, Ronobe’s sugary punch is a nice fit for ∆AIMON’s chilled, draggy treatment.