Very little excites us here at ID:UD more than new music from Absolute Body Control. After collaborating as rhythmic noise group Sonar (post the departure of Hypnoskull’s Patrick Stevens), Dirk Ivens and Eric Van Wonterghem reformed ABC a few years back, re-recording some of their early eighties material and producing some surprisingly fresh proto-electro of the old school type that made them EBM godfathers back in the day.

Dirk Ivens and Eric Van Wonterghem, fool.

New EP Surrender No Resistance features remixes of the title song, a stand-out from the group’s excellent 2010 album Shattered Illusion a new original track and a cover of Luc Van Acker’s “Feels Like Love”. Covenant and Millimetric take a slightly more conservative approach to their versions, emphasizing some elements of the original and adding some textures, leaving the core of the track largely untouched. New instrumental “Tears” is also worthwhile, it’s more composed than ABC usually get, playing off the dynamics between a simple digital piano figure and some bubbly sequencing.

I’m personally feelin’ the rework provided by primitive electronic dance punkers Crash Course in Science that casts the song as a lost classic from that Philly band’s own sparse but influential catalogue.

Absolute Body Control – Surrender No Resistance (Crash Course in Science Mix)

You can buy Surrender No Resistance from our pals at Storming The Base right here.