Keep the summer fun rolling with this, the inaugural installment of the I Die: You Die “So Fragile” mixtape series. We’ll occasionally be dropping one of these short n’ sweet mixes for your listening pleasure; download or stream from your browser below.

All of the songs on this mix were paid for, or free from the artists themselves. I Die: You Die supports the music we enjoy with our wallets, and encourages others to do the same.

Continues – “Love on the Run”
A little slice of emotive synthpop heaven from Dan Gatto’s new project Continues. Full-length LP coming in the fall, you can order a split 7″ with Felt Drawings (with mp3 download!) here.

Din [A] Tod – “Glory in the Highest”
Darkwave faithful Din A Tod channel our beloved Kirlian Camera, on this track from their 2009 Westwerk LP.

Haujobb – “Dead Market (Absolute Body Control remix)”

Ivens and Van Wonterghem flesh out Haujobb’s fantastic new single from the Dead Market EP.

Gatekeeper – “Chains”

“Macabre electronic” outfit from Chicago conjure an imaginary middle ground between Moroder and early :wumpscut: on the lead track from their excellent 2010 Giza EP.

//TENSE// – “Turn it Off (Valis remix)”
Nobody does early EBM worship like these two cats from Houston, of all places. A nice textured remix by Valis from clothing label Mishka‘s free Gravewave comp, downloadable here.

Cervello Elettronico – “Violent Skin”

NY producer and DJ Snarf’s been stepping up his game with increasingly atmospheric post-industrial cuts like this, a moody and driving bit from his 2009 Process Of Elimination LP.

Access to Arasaka – “Sicral”
Side-Line Forum golden boy continues to justify the hype. This track appears on his recent by-donation EP Orbitus, available here from Tympanik.

I Die: You Die “So Fragile” Mixtape #1