Delays as we approach the 500th episode of We Have a Technical. We’re hoping it’ll happen this week, but if not it’ll be another fill-in of some kind as we try to make this schedule work, but we assure you, it’s gonna be something special when it does drop. In the meantime, we’re looking forward to the HEALTH show (with Pixel Grip opening!) this week in Vancouver, and for the long weekend affording us some time to catch up on all these new-releases. Have a listen to some of this week’s selections and let us know what you’re feeling in the comments.

Give My Remains To Broadway

Give My Remains To Broadway

ACTORS, “In Real Life”
Hometown heroes ACTORS return with the first single for their forthcoming 2024 album, and man is it smooth. The post-punk quartet have dabbled in these sorts of airy synth-driven tracks in the past, but there’s a rare power in the way “In Real Life” channels melancholy via Jason Corbett’s vocal delivery, production and arrangement to give us something snappy and emotional in equal measure. Always a pleasure to get new music from these cats, and to know it won’t be long before we get to see them perform a good new tune on stage.

Einstürzende Neubauten, “Ist Ist”
You’re just going about your day, minding your own business and god damn Einstürzende Neubauten comes around and puts out a new song. “Ist Ist” (not to be confused with the similarly titled “Was Ist Ist” from a ways back) is an interesting cut in a lot of ways – it feels very classic Neubauten in terms of its use of cacophonous metallic percussion, Blixa’s vocalizations and that characteristic uncoiled bass sound, but it also has the earmarks of the bands mellow latter years in the mix, reminding us of the fusion of sounds and ideas we got circa Perpetuum Mobile. Never a bad time with these legends. A North American tour wouldn’t be unwelcome fellas.

Edgecase Development Corporation, “Euphrosyne”
Edgecase Development Corporation is the techno project of Eric Oehler, who you’re likely familiar with via Null Device and Klack. In the case of new EP
ECEP II: Belt Objects
, it’s an outlet for Oehler to indulge his interest in global music and instrumental electronics and do kind of a Juno Reactor thing, albeit with his own production sensibility at its heart; you get some very cool use of sampled instruments and voices melded with the programmed drums and synths in ways that make a very organic kind of sense. Well executed stuff from an artist who just consistently hits with us.

Zalvox, “Zalmoxis”
Longtime Haujobb associate Rinaldo Bite, whose work folks will know from Liebknecht and DSTR, has a new project on the go. The first track from Zalvox draws a line between the cold, motorik-influenced approach to electro we’d expect from Bite, and some icy current darkwave via vocalist Dorain a la Black Nail Cabaret or recent X Marks. Gotta dig those little Predator-styled creaks in the corners. Sounds like a debut EP is in the hopper.

Analytica, “Anyone We Know”
Look, the rest of Canada gives Toronto a lot of stick for imagining itself to be the sum total of the country, but if there’s one thing those of us in Vancouver hold in solidarity with Hogtown, it’s everyone short of hedge fund shitheads being priced out of their neighbourhoods. The “utopian” construction of a city beyond the reach of its own inhabitants is a theme befitting the roots synthpop of Analytica, which links Neu!-esque kosmische daydreams with the Ballardesque alienation of early Mute.

Give My Remains To Broadway, “Rend My Flesh”
Lastly, let’s stay in Toronto for some weighty and monochrome goth/post-punk from Give My Remains To Broadway. In addition to a legitimately witty name, they’re bringing lots of atmosphere and a decent balance between hooks and sheer misery which is a bit beyond their years. Should appeal if you like Fearing or MOLT.