This probably the most all over the map Tracks post we’ve ever banged together, but we’re okay with that. In fact it does a nice job of showing off the wider variety of stuff we’re planning to cover this year. Sure, someone has to write about hot new EBM combo Terr0rdnance’s material (“This album is the sonic equivalent of shoving razor dicks in your vagina ears! 10/10!”), but we like lotsa other stuff: dark ambient, breakcore, whatever. As always, we invite you to let us know about any hot new tracks you may be feeling lately in the comments. And now, Steve-Dave Naghavi with the news.

Tell 'em Steve-Dave!

And One, “Back Home (Club Edit)”
Way back when all the drama between Naghavi, Gio and Oli jumped off ID:UD speculated that the return of Joke Jay and Rick Schah to the fold might lead to the band recapturing some of the spirit of the I.S.T. through Virgin Superstar era. New single “Back Home” suggests that hope wasn’t misplaced. It’s got all the synth horns, female backing vox and straight up fun that’s been missing from And One’s last couple release. Hell, we like the b-side from the single (“Rick”, an honest to god italo-disco number that we’re halfway convinced is a cover) better than anything from Tanzomat, full-stop. Please, let Steve-Dave not fuck this up so we can have a new And One album that we’re not listening to begrudgingly.

In Slaughter Natives – “Still With a Cocktail”
A version of this track, (previously an ISN website exclusive) which recalls “Transcendental Carnation”‘s Coil-esque, glockenspiely spookiness has been issued on the new digital charity album Compilation For A Cat. In addition to dark ambient awesomeness like In Slaughter Natives, Raison D’Etre, and Kammarheit, there’s oodles of neo-folk which we’re just starting to sink our teeth into. It’s a by-donation release, the proceeds of which are going towards an expensive surgery for an adorable Swedish cat named Bran. ID:UD loves kitties and commands you to kick in a few bucks to help one out, and help yourself to 37 cool, dark tracks at the same time.

Venetian Snares, “Seqsy”
We remember a time a few years back when you couldn’t go for a leisurely walk with the missus without tripping over something and accidentally buying a new Venetian Snares record before you hit the ground. Aaron Funk’s release schedule has slowed down considerably from those days (he only put out one 12″ last year!), but we’re still enamored with his schizophrenic, genre-fucking style. The tracks on new digital EP Affectionate are from the purely electronic strain of his work, similar, if a little more manic than his IDM flavoured output as Last Step. Happy belated birthday, Aaron!

Stiff Valentine, “Somebody to Hate (16 Volt cover)”
We sat down and had a nice chat with Loud Chris and Kerry from Stiff Valentine just this past weekend for an upcoming feature to coincide with the release of their new remix album American Inbreeding. One of the tracks on there is this cover of 16 Volt’s “Somebody to Hate”, from American Porn Songs. We love this jam: it’s got all the hallmarks of a classic american coldwave track, and while SV is all about mechanized rock songs, this fusion of electronics and guitars is a lot different than we’ve heard from them before. Also of note is this is the first time we’ve got to hear Kerry really use her live shrieky voice on record, a trend we hope continues.
Somebody To Hate by Stiff Valentine