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Mexico’s EntreMentiras have a stripped-down and aggressive style which should immediately appeal to EBM purists, but to pigeonhole them as yet another consciously throwback EBM act is to miss the duo’s charm. Their debut LP blends elements of EBM, synthpunk, synthpop, and minimal wave with such canny acuity that it’s difficult to trace the exact path Oliver Reset and Erick Void have taken to arrive at the band’s sound.

The lithe melodic synth leads and minimal but wholly compelling rhythms which guide the entire LP will likely register as being proximal to whichever of the aforementioned traditions with which the listener happens to be most familiar. The way that Spark! carried muscular EBM into breezy synthpop heaven with their classic Hela din värld LP might jump out to anhalt fans upon hearing “Sin Temor”, while the woozy undercurrent of pads and bass which sway beneath the tinny snares of “Sombría” will bring the immortal Kas Product’s “Man Of Time” to the minds of those schooled in classic minimal wave and synthpunk. Speaking personally, the frantic, rubbery pulse of Welle:Erdball was the first thing I thought of upon hearing opening track “Ultima Noche” for the first time. I wouldn’t gamble that EntreMentiras were consciously looking to hypertrophy Neue Deutsche Welle the way that act were, but who’s to say?

But all of this discussion of provenance, taxonomy, and influence isn’t meant to suggest that the resulting experience is too baroque or overbearing to hang together. Make no mistake: this is an unequivocally fun listen. The speedy rush of “Consecuencias de lo vivido” connotes the joy and tension of speedrunning a classic platformer, and the almost “Telstar”-like warble of “No me deja existir”‘s leads serves as a bright, shimmering counterpoint to its aggro foundation.

Regardless of their own influences, the results of EntreMentiras’ genre-smashing are an approachable, hooky delight. Their debut is a brisk, well-edited demonstration of solid songcraft and satisfying arrangements. Recommended.

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