Thank you so much to everyone who purchased and/or shared the third volume of our Telekompilation series of releases. Because of your help, we’ll be able to donate over $1800 to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (and if you missed out on the latest Bandcamp Friday, we’ll be continuing to donate further sales of the comp). It was great to see so many folks passing around recommendations, dropping charity releases, and using Bandcamp’s Juneteenth fundraiser as an opportunity to educate themselves about the issues which are continuing to resonate around the world.

None of Your Concern

∆AIMON, “In Fire and in Blood”
∆AIMON return with an absolutely stellar track that shows what the now-Wisconsin based duo of Nancy and Brant Showers have been up to since their last LP. The wonderful melody and ominous atmosphere that first caught our attention years ago is all over “In Fire and in Blood”, but is now driven by bubbling electro-bass and towering walls of synths. A chorus that is absolutely instantaneous puts it over the top, and we can’t even express how happy we are for their to be new material from these long time ID:UD favourites.

None of Your Concern, “Oppression”
Anonymous Chicago darkwave act None of Your Concern released new song “Oppression” earlier this month with the following powerful statement which we will replicate in full rather than summarize: “The black experience has been put on display for all to witness. As a LGBTQIA black man I find it imperative to share my voice. This song is meant to express the thoughts and emotions that myself and many of my POC folk have to process and work through on a daily basis. Please take the time to truly listen and absorb. Support black artists, friends, and family.

Rosegarden Funeral Party, “Salvation And Saving Face”
The new EP from Dallas’ beguiling Rosegarden Funeral Party is out now, and tracks like this one show it to be a worthy successor to last year’s sleeper hit LP Martyr. It’s not every day that an act makes us think of Heart and The Marionettes at the same time, but the line between elegant goth rock and broader, dreamy classic rock stylings is one the band have shown themselves capable of striding with aplomb.

Andi, “Vanitas”
Friend of the site Andi Harriman’s gained inter-continental acclaim for her writing, promotion, and DJing. Now, after a couple of tracks and mixes appearing on compilations, she’s releasing her first original production on aufnahme + wiedergabe. The Corpse To Corpus EP drops in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime you can preview how Harriman’s bringing together her diverse tastes. Wet electro and techno flourishes hang about as a solid EBM groove shifts gears.

Bara Hari, “Carving Flesh”
LA’s Bara Hari releases her first EP of electronic darkwave. Featuiring production by Ian Flux of LA Industrialists Fact Pattern, the music on Pandora’s Box fits nicely into the current wave of clubbable sounds in the style, Bara Hari’s voice sits just so in the mix of snappy drums and nice synth textures. It’s just the right side of minimal where simplicity helps to highlight the strength of each element and Hari’s own personality as a vocalist.

Evil Dust, “Greed”
UK producer Evil Dust’s latest tape, Desolation, is a direct and grimy take on EBM, full of metallic swarms and stripped down programming with just enough grit and distortion to put the aesthetic over without forcing the point. Tracks like “Greed” have just enough hazy ambiance and rhythmic accouterments to keep things interesting, while never straying from a dead-simple but effective bassline.