Symbiotic Creatures

Marc Fisher’s work as Siamgda has always had a hypnotic, meditative quality to it. New release Symbiotic Creatures doesn’t buck that trend, although it does show off how many ways Fisher has to express it via noise and rhythmic variation. Take for example the opening title track, which spends more than 8 minutes working a deep looping drone and vocal monologue and stands in complete contrast to follow-up “Fake Dream” where distorted instrumental samples bounce along over a straight rhythmic noise drum pattern. The tracks are very distinct in terms of how they work and move, but each tap into deep grooves that have a subconscious appeal. Similarly “Blurred Vision” uses cut up vocals that have been made incomprehensible to evoke a druggy, sanguine vibe that ushers in a clattering rhythm section. Ending with the creepy toylike sounds of “Stuck on Hold” and the more traditionally industrial machine rhythm of “Find You” it’s a release that demonstrates real scope in terms of instrumentation and approach, but whose tracks share an intuitive sameness in appeal.