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Le Chocolat Noir is bittersweet indeed

V▲LH▲LL, “Bonetrees (The Rain Within Remix)”
Andy Deane aka the Rain Within throws some neon synthwave light on our favourite ghost vikings V▲LH▲LL on this new remix of “Bonetrees”, taken from a forthcoming remix disk due later this year. “>If you missed Grimoire back in February, you should probably go and rectify that; it remains one of our favourite releases of 2018 and never fails to bring some nordic chill even at the height of Summer. The wolves that roam stay roaming, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Architect, “Ursuppe (Alternative Modular Version)”
Some of you may be aware that Daniel Myer had a bunch of gear stolen recently, a staggering blow for any musician, especially when they make their living from music. In order to replace what was lost Daniel has put together Find Fund Finish a collection of outtakes, demos and live performance versions of tracks from his Architect project, available now via Bandcamp. Fans of Herr Myer get the double satisfaction of hearing tons of otherwise unreleased material in his inimitable style, and also the knowledge that they’re helping an artist produce more work for them to enjoy in future. Check out this neat version of “Ursuppe”, then cop the release ASAP.

Le Chocolat Noir, “Caméléon”
Basic Unit Productions recently announced the next volume in their excellent Frost compilation series, the 2013 and 2014 volumes of which yielded inumerable club bangers that still get play in our more techno and synth-minded DJ sets. Volume 3 is set to feature contributions from Divider, Rendered, DSX, Blac Kolor and more, not to mention this cut from Croation minimal body act Chocolat Noir.

Caustic Grip, “Left”
In case you missed it last time we mentioned them, Australia’s Caustic Grip are worth taking some time to get to know. New release Volume II is another collection of recently release tracks, once again showing off a range of influences that goes well beyond the namecheck in the project’s moniker. That said, you can definitely hear some of that good good FLA action on “Left”, a track that starts off sounding a bit like Schwefelgelb before sliding into electro-industrial on the chorus. Definitely curious to hear more from these cats soon.

Upsetter, “BIO-HACKER”
Finally, a new one from Pictureplane’s EBM/Industrial side-project upsetter. While Travis Egedy is mostly known for venturing to more chill climes with his main project, you’ve always been able to hear the influence of more harsh and rigid sounds on his work, especially on his last LP Technomancer. Upsetter is just taking those sounds he has flirted with and focusing in on them, with some pretty clubbable results, as on “BIO-HACKER” and it’s equally bangin’ b-side “Fever Dream”.